Big Easy

Blank Canvas, Crash Point, Full Position, Rough Draft

Blank-Canvas-mockup5-goldCrash Point-HIGHRESFull-PositionRoughDraft_draft3

Black & White Collection

Erotic Research, Tequila Truth, Rough Cut, Happy Hour, Power Play, Slam Dunk, Naughty is Nice, In the Running

eroticresearch3004Happy HourPower Play


Party Naked, Screwdriver, Bachelor’s Bait, Screaming Orgasm

Compass Series

Northern Exposure, Southern Comfort, Eastern Ambitions, Western Ties, Winter Ties, Hope Springs, Summer Fling, Falling Softly



Spitfire, Rekindled, Inflamed

Foreign Affairs

Misplaced Princess, Misplaced Cowboy, Misplaced Lessons, Misplaced Hands

Individual Titles

Do Over, Mad About Meg, Scoring

Mad About Meg300dpi copyScoring coverSparks Fly-highres

June Girls

No Recourse, No Regrets, No Return (2015)


Just Because Books

Because of You, Because You Love Me, Because It’s True

The Madison stories

Kiss Me, Kate, Three Reasons Why


Black Jack, White Knight, Behind the Scenes, Under the Lights, Over the Threshold

Second Chances

Fix You, Full Moon, Status Update, The Back-Up Plan, Never Been Kissed


Trinity Masters

Elemental Pleasure, Primal Passion, Scorching Desire, Forbidden Legacy

Scorching Desire1800x2700Forbidden Legacy-highres

What Women Like

Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice

Wild Irish

Come Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Waiting for Wednesday, Sweet Thursday, Friday I’m in Love, Saturday Night Special, Any Given Sunday, Wild Irish Christmas

Wild Irish Christmas

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