Going Too Fast

Going Too Fast-HighResToday marks the release of the final book in the Big Easy series, Going Too Fast. Over the course of the past few years, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to return to New Orleans and to Mama Lewis’ house for Sunday dinner. This final book was particularly fun to write because it gave me the opportunity to combine my world with that of Erin Nicholas’s way too cool, too fun Sapphire Falls world. It’s fun to imagine your own characters in another author’s setting and Sapphire Falls is truly one of my favorite places to visit as a reader.

A Big Easy/Sapphire Falls story

Zac Lewis has just finished medical school and is about to embark on his five-year residency to become an orthopedic surgeon. Before it starts, he decides to take some time off to relax and “ramble about.” He borrows an old RV from a friend and heads west with no definite direction. He decides to let the highway take him where it will. Fate puts him in Sapphire Falls during festival week.

Tacy Bradford is a former member of the Women’s National Soccer team. She’s got her gold medal…and a wrecked knee. Forced to quit playing too soon, she’s left to figure out “what now?” When her old babysitter, Lauren invites her to the festival, she decides a relaxing trip to Sapphire Falls might be just the ticket. However, the easy pace she was looking for evaporates once she lays eyes on Zac.

One minute Tacy and Zac are playfully arguing over who gets the last caramel apple, the next they’re doing the naked mambo in her hotel room and his RV. Neither one of them has a clue where they’re headed, but they know they’re going too fast. And they don’t care.


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The music began—an old Elvis tune—and Zac grasped Tacy’s hand.

“Hang on a second.” She pulled away to place her apple on the table where Lauren was sitting with a little girl on her lap, and then she returned.

The moment her hands landed on his shoulders, Zac realized that even if he danced every single dance with her tonight, it still wouldn’t be enough. He pulled her closer thinking that—odd as it seemed—he felt the same way as Elvis, as if he couldn’t help falling in love with this woman.

Tacy didn’t appear unaffected either. A fact she confirmed when she spoke. “Is it weird that I feel like I know you?”

He shook his head. “No. I feel the same way. Maybe we knew each other in a previous life.”

He’d meant his words as a joke, but Tacy didn’t laugh. Instead, she seemed to consider the supposition. “I like that idea. Makes it sound like we’re soul mates and we’ve managed to cross generations, worlds, lifetimes to find each other.”

“Are you looking for a soul mate, darlin’?”

“Isn’t everyone?”

Until that moment, Zac hadn’t been. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested in romance, love, sex, marriage and kids. Eventually. All of those things were certainly on his list, under the heading Someday.

He’d been so focused, so intent on becoming a doctor, everything else had taken a backseat. Zac had dated. And he’d indulged in more than a few sexual affairs. He was only human, after all, and a man had needs. But he’d kept serious emotion out of it. Because there hadn’t been time.

“You went quiet.” Tacy was looking at him, still waiting for an answer. “Didn’t mean to freak you out or anything.”

He was freaked out. Not by her question, but by what it revealed. This trip had opened his eyes to how many places, how many adventures and opportunities he’d let pass him by as he kept his eyes on just one prize. Now he was forced to add love to the list. Until holding Tacy, he hadn’t realized how much he’d wanted someone to share his life with.

Zac placed his cheek against the top of her head as they continued to dance. “We must have been soul mates in another life because now that you’re here, I realize how much I’ve missed you.”


Winner Takes All

12279195_1264362426923048_5410718902786103359_nThe sixth book in the Big Easy series, Winner Takes All, can be found in the One Night in Vegas anthology. The set includes 6 brand new stories from some amazing authors including Red Phoenix, Sierra Cartwright, Angel Payne, Jenna Jacob, and Victoria Blue. I’ve read them all and they are so, so, SO HOT!

As the Food Fight competition heats up, so does the sexual tension between finalists Hollie and Noah–until the simmering need explodes into full boil. But in this contest, winner takes all. Will they choose fame over forever? Or will they claim an even bigger prize?

Sexual tension between Food Fight finalists Hollie and Noah heats up until simmering need turns to full boil. Winner takes all. But which prize will they choose?


She was shocked when Noah took her hand and led her to room 1503.

“How did you know this was my room?” she asked.

Noah frowned then tugged his cell phone from his pocket. “I was actually taking you to my room.” He flicked open his messages and showed her the text he’d received from the hotel’s front desk clerk.

She dug her phone out of her purse and did the same.


They’d been given the same room.

Had the Nyte made a mistake?

If they had, Noah didn’t seem to be in any hurry to correct it. “Open the door,” he said, his voice deep, almost demanding.

Her body reacted as if she’d been struck by lightning.

What if the front desk clerk had made a mistake and sent Noah her room number instead of his own? What would Noah say when he discovered her secret fantasy?

Then again, what if she was standing outside Noah’s room? She was dying to know what he’d selected for the remainder of his stay.

He leaned closer, placing a kiss on her cheek, his hot breath causing her stomach to flip-flop in anticipation.

“Open it, Hollie.”

She placed her thumb against the keypad and the locks clicked. It was her room. Her fantasy.

She opened the door. Noah caught her wrist before she could enter, holding her back, and together they looked inside.

The harem room was more decadent, more scandalously sensual than she’d imagined.

“Oh my God,” she whispered breathlessly.

What was she doing? This room revealed far too much about her desires to a man she’d never even kissed until ten minutes ago.

“If you step over that threshold, we’re playing the fantasy out.”

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Quote of the Day

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” — Douglas Adams

Triple Beat

Triple Beat is the fifth book in the seven-book series, Big Easy. The final story in the Lewis family saga releases May 19. Don’t miss this opportunity to check them all out!

Triple Beat-highresDani was 17 years old when she ran from New Orleans like a thief in the night. With no idea where she was going or how she’d survive, she was certain of just one thing—she’d never again step foot in the Big Easy. Now, time and circumstances have made her a liar. After twelve long years, her beloved foster family, the Lewises, have tracked her down. And so has the very person who drove her away—her father.

Together with her best friends, Aiden and Bryson, Dani is standing at the precipice of success. Their band, Closing Time, has just signed with a major label and their star is on the rise. But Dani can’t enjoy any kind of future while constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the past to catch up. It’s time to return to New Orleans…time to confront the face that’s always haunted her nightmares.

Aiden and Bryson have long suspected Dani is hiding something, some dark secret she refuses to confide. When she leaves Nashville without a word, they follow. How can they not? What they feel for her…what they want from her…won’t allow them to let Dani face her demons alone. Whether she’s ready to believe it or not, over the years, the men have come to know a few things for certain: they’re stronger as a trio. And three hearts beat better as one.

This book contains a painful scene of abuse from 15-year-old Dani’s past. Not for the faint of heart.


He sighed. “Ignore it, Dani. Natural male response when he’s in bed with a half-naked woman.”
She heard Aiden snort.
“Sort of hard to ignore when it’s poking me in the ass,” she added.
Aiden laughed louder. “Damn. There’s a visual.”
She rolled her eyes. “Gross.” Even as she said the word, she considered what it would feel like to have sex with Bryson. Or Aiden. It wasn’t the first time that racy thought had crossed her mind. She’d always dismissed it because the band—and their friendship—meant too much to her to risk for sex. No matter how amazing she suspected that sex would be.
She wasn’t sure why she was so certain the guys were great in bed. Maybe it was simply a female reaction to the way they made her feel when they sang a love song, or watching their fingers fly with incredible skill over their instruments. She’d spent a little too much time lately considering those fingers strumming her instrument.
“I really need to find a guy and get laid,” she muttered.
Aiden twisted to his side to face her. The moon provided enough light to allow her to see his expression clearly. “Been telling you that for nearly two years. It’s not healthy to go so long without.”
“Not sure health has anything to do with it.”
She was surprised when Aiden reached out and pushed a strand of hair away from her face. “Feeling better?” He was obviously still worried about her nightmare.
She nodded. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain in the ass this past week. I promise…just a few days more and I’ll be back to normal.”
Aiden gave her a friendly smile. “Don’t set your goals so high, Dani. You were never normal.”
She grinned. “Asshole.”
“I chalk that up to too many years spent with Bryson. That shit tends to rub off.”
“You wish you were as cool as me,” Bryson said in his own defense.
Dani glanced over her shoulder. Bryson looked very comfortable, his head resting on the pillow, the longish mass of jet-black hair hiding his dark-brown eyes, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist and his very erect penis pressed firmly to her backside. He was incredibly beautiful, but she was certain he’d scoff if she used that word to describe him.
Then she looked back at Aiden. He wore his light-brown hair shorter and hid his pretty blue eyes behind wire-framed glasses whenever he was working at the computer or reading a new piece of music. Bryson teased him, claiming he just wore them to look smarter, but Aiden never took offense. He just joked back that not even glasses could give Bryson an air of intelligence.
“I’m glad you guys are here.” She’d been so wrapped up in her anxieties lately that she’d pushed away the very people she needed the most.
“All you had to do was ask.” Aiden placed a soft kiss to her forehead. Then another one.
They weren’t overly affectionate friends. Most of their touching typically came in the form of high-fives or roughhousing. Kisses and cuddles weren’t part of it.
Dani reached out and cupped Aiden’s beloved face. “Thank you.”
She wasn’t sure who moved first. Maybe they both moved together. But one second she and Aiden were simply smiling at each other, and then they were much closer, their lips touching in a quick, only somewhat chaste kiss.
They parted for a moment before they came in for another. This one lingered a second longer than the first.
Bryson’s arm tightened around her waist, but he didn’t speak, didn’t call them out or ask them what the hell they were doing.
Aiden pulled farther away after the second kiss, his brows furrowed, confusion in his eyes. She suspected that expression was mirrored in her face.
And then it cleared. He relaxed, and so did she.
When they moved in for the third kiss, it was as if they were prepared, ready for it.
He stroked her lower lip with his tongue and she opened her mouth on a gasp. Aiden took advantage. This kiss lasted much longer, the two of them taking their time to explore each other’s mouths. Aiden’s fingers tangled in her hair and he used that grip to gently twist her head this way or that to help him deepen the kiss.
Bryson was silent through it all, but Dani knew he wasn’t oblivious to what was happening. He also didn’t seem content to merely observe. His hand slipped beneath the hem of her t-shirt, stroking the bare skin of her stomach, and then moving up to her breast.
Dani’s breathing became erratic as she tried to keep up with the sensations drowning her. Bryson grasped her breast firmly, his large hand plumping the flesh, his fingers pinching her nipple.
Aiden either didn’t notice or he didn’t care about Bryson’s touches. He tightened his grip on her hair and kissed her harder.
Dani was helpless to resist any of it. She pushed her ass against Bryson’s cock, seeking more stimulation. The movement was a blatant invitation. One that Bryson didn’t hesitate to accept.
His hand left her breast, traveling to her hip. He gripped it, tugging her back as he pushed forward, letting her feel exactly how much he wanted her.
It was too much. Dani broke off the kiss, desperately attempting to suck in some much-needed air. Aiden didn’t attempt to resume it, but he didn’t let her slow him down either. He ran his fingers along her neck, his gaze following the touch. Then he grasped the comforter covering them and pulled it down, not stopping until the bulk of it rested around her knees.
Regardless of the number of times they’d seen her dressed exactly like this, this was the first time she’d felt exposed, almost naked in front of them. Aiden’s gaze traveled over her, studying things he’d never appeared to notice before. Or was it things he’d tried not to see? Had they had lustful thoughts about her as well?
Aiden reached out and ran his fingers over her covered breast, the same one Bryson had just released.
Neither Dani nor Bryson had stopped moving, the humping motion imitating exactly what Dani wanted to do.
With both of them.

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Rough Draft

Rough DraftRough Draft is the fourth book in the Big Easy series. As we count down to the release of Going Too Fast on May 19, I thought y’all might enjoy a look back at the entire series.

Capture, bondage and fantasies fulfilled. It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed.
Bestselling crime novelist Jett Lewis is stumbling over a wicked case of writer’s block, his fast-flowing words having run dry. His publisher’s screaming “deadline”, the fans are ready to riot, and Jett just wants to disappear. His friend Carissa suggests he get away, clear his head…get laid. And she has just the ticket. Literally. Two passes to Eden, an exclusive island paradise.
Recently sans girlfriend, Jett convinces Carissa to go with him, and the resort is more than either of them bargained for—especially when the simple beach trip turns to murder. Thrust into a plot sinister enough to rival Jett’s books, the couple embarks on a search for the killer. The most shocking revelation of all might be their mutual attraction…and how much Jett and Carissa love working undercover.


“Are you going to tie me up?”
“Do you want me to?”
She started to shrug, but he wasn’t willing to let her off easy. This night would only succeed if she were honest about her desires, her needs.
“Yes or no.”
“Yes, but—”
“But nothing. You said yes. Kneel.”
She lowered herself to the padded bench, offering no resistance as he pressed on her back until her stomach was flat against the surface, her arms dangling toward the floor. Once she was crouched over the bench, he moved closer, brushing her ass with his crotch, letting her feel his erection.
Her hands hung loose, though she clenched her fingers tightly around the front legs of the bench. He considered using the straps to secure her, and then decided against it. Jett understood the psychology of BDSM well enough to realize there were other ways to make Carissa feel captured.
He bent over her, pressing his chest against her back, caging her beneath him. She tried to lift up—the response an instinctual one—to test her ability to escape. He prevented her movement, putting more of his weight on her.
Carissa stilled, but he felt the stiffness in her posture when he lifted the mask from her face.
“Relax,” he whispered.
She snorted softly. “Yeah right.”
“The correct response is ‘Yes, Sir’.”
Her right cheek rested against the leather and she licked her lips nervously. “Yes, Sir.” He saw her struggling to use her peripheral vision to see his face, but the mask and near darkness of the curtained area protected his anonymity.
“I’m going to list some things. Your only responses are yes or no. Understand?”
She nodded. Then quickly added, “Yes…Sir”
Jett decided to start easy, tackling something they’d already discussed. “Bondage.”
Her answers were immediate, letting Jett know she had indeed been fantasizing about this.
This time her response took longer.
He heard the question in her voice, but he let it go.
“Shit,” she muttered.
Jett tried not to laugh. “That’s not an answer.”
“Yes, dammit.”
“Threesome.” Jett wasn’t sure why he’d added that to his list. It certainly wasn’t something he’d ever seriously considered trying himself, even though his brother, Justin, found sharing the woman he loved hot. Carissa had remarked once how cool she thought Justin’s relationship with Bella and Ned was. Jett hadn’t thought much of it at the time, but now that he was looking at Carissa and thinking girlfriend, he wondered just how interested she was.
Carissa shook her head. “No. I don’t think so. I’m not very good at sharing.”
For a moment, Jett considered bending down to place a kiss on Carissa’s cheek. However, he feared that would be too familiar, would give him away.
Instead, he continued his list. “Nipple clamps.”
“Role play.”
“This is kind of a long list. I’m only here for one week.”
This time, he did chuckle. She was too adorable, too funny. She also didn’t realize they had much longer than one week. Forever was starting to sound feasible.
“Answer my question or I’ll spank you. You failed to respond correctly to most of these. Role play.”
“Good girl. Now. Tell me your dirtiest fantasy.”
She hesitated. “I…I—”
“This will only work if you’re completely honest about what you want. As you said, our time is limited.”
Though her response was short and succinct, it fired off a million kinky scenes in Jett’s mind as he considered all the ways he’d like to capture her. Claim her. Take her.
He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered his own single word. “Yes.”
With that, he pushed up, pulling her hands as he went, clasping them behind her back. “Your safe word is red. Say that and I’ll stop whatever it is I’m doing and we’ll talk about it. Understand?”
“Yes what?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good.” He’d taken a pair of handcuffs from the toy room after signing in with Roan. Pulling them from his back pocket, he slipped them around Carissa’s wrists. She startled and started to rise, but he placed a firm hand on her upper back. “Don’t move.”

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Quote of the Day

“Stay true to what makes you different. As long as you’re unique, you’re irreplaceable.” – Olivia Wilde

Full Position

How much is she willing to risk for a forbidden fantasy?
How much is she willing to risk for a forbidden fantasy?

Full Position is the third book in the Big Easy series. Anyone up for a red-hot menage? A little sex club action? A bit of BDSM?Workplace shenanigans with the boss(es)?! Full Position has it all! How many positions are you up for?!

How much is she willing to risk for a forbidden fantasy?

Though Bella Carper has crushed on Justin and Ned since her first day on the job, she’s smart enough to know a ménage with her hot bosses is probably number one on the list of workplace no-nos. But a frigid genius wouldn’t say no to their exceptionally tempting offer — a no-holds-barred night of wicked fantasies at a local sex club.

Justin and Ned believe in propriety in the workplace, but falling for their sexy graphic artist has blurred the line between professional and personal. These Big Easy men might surprise their small-town girl with their bedroom habits. But the biggest shock could come the morning after…when Bella discovers what they really want.


“Okay. I give. What’s going on?”
Justin took a strand of her hair in his hand, enjoying the soft texture of it, the sweet scent of strawberries assaulting his senses. The smell was so Bella. It reminded him of long summer days filled with sunshine and picnics. “We’re playing, Bells. Getting into the spirit of the club. Going with the flow.”
“I thought tonight was just going to be a tour.”
Ned ran his finger along the top of Bella’s open shirt, letting his finger slip lower, stroking her cleavage. “Consider it the grand tour, complete with demonstrations.”
Justin playfully tugged on her hair. “We want it all, Bells.”
She blinked rapidly, trying to digest what they were saying. Then practical Bella made it to shore. “We?”
“You, me, Ned. A bedroom. A few thousand sex acts—some of them illegal in various states.”
Ned rolled his eyes at Justin’s attempt to lighten the request, but Justin forged on. “You can’t deny you want that too, can you?”
Bella didn’t reply immediately. Instead, a crease formed in her brow as she contemplated his offer. In the end, common sense reigned supreme. “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. I’m pretty sure kinky threesome sex with your bosses ranks right up there as number one on the no-nos for workplace behavior.”
Ned chuckled. “I’m sure it does. But we’re not stopping.”
She frowned at Ned’s easy dismissal of her concern. “Do you two do this often?”
Justin understood the seriousness of her question, but he tried to make light of it. “Seduce employees?”
She bit her lower lip nervously and Justin cursed his wayward tongue. She was obviously terrified about losing her job and that concern was real. While he and Ned knew their intentions were good, in Bella’s mind, she was risking her livelihood, her “dream job,” as she called it.
“No, Bells. We don’t seduce our employees. Ever.” Justin wanted to stress that to her, didn’t want her to think this was just a game they played.
“But you’ve shared women before?”
Justin wouldn’t lie to convince her to stay with them. “We have. Quite often.” However, while he and Ned had participated in threesome sex, that wasn’t all they wanted from Bella. “But it will be different with you.”
She gave him a smirk. “Yeah, right. I bet you say that to all the girls.”
Ned leaned forward. “No. We don’t.”
Bella swallowed heavily, clearly sorry. “I didn’t mean to insinuate that you were playing me.”
Ned didn’t give way. “You weren’t insinuating that at all. You said it very directly.”
“You’re right. I did. I’m sorry. You guys are kind of throwing me for a loop here. If this has something to do with me insulting you at the bar last week…”
Justin laughed. “You did throw down a challenge, Bells.”
She narrowed her eyes, however, he continued speaking, “But that’s not why we’re here tonight.”
They’d come here to capture Bella’s heart, to convince her they wanted a shot at a lifetime with her. Her inexperience with threesomes and BDSM didn’t change that fact at all. If anything, it made tonight even more special. They would be her firsts. Her only. Justin looked at Ned and knew his friend felt the same way. Ned gave him a subtle nod.
“What are you offering?”
Justin ran his finger along her cheek. “We want the chance to prove to you that not all guys are narcissistic bastards. We want to show you what it means to be the center of someone’s universe.”

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Crash Point

Crash Point-HIGHRESThe countdown to the last Big Easy book, Going Too Fast, continues as we take a look back at the series. Today’s featured book is Crash Point. Anyone here love a reformed bad boy? If so…meet Blake.

When they reach the crash point, will love be enough to save them?
Chance has brought Blake Mills back into her life. The textbook bad boy Chloe gave her young body and tender love to ten long years ago. He betrayed her trust, broke her heart, stole from her family…proved just how bad he truly was. Her fury still rages a decade later–so why does she want him more than ever?

Blake never stopped wanting Chloe Lewis. Through years of bad choices, Chloe was his guiding light, leading him away from a life of crime to turn him into the man he’s become, a respectable, decorated member of the NOPD. Now, seeing her again, Blake understands the mere memory of their love, their combustible lust, will never be enough.


“I know, Mama. Yeah…Yeah…Mmmhmm.”
Blake Mills leaned against the doorframe of the studio. He watched the petite blonde—who had her back turned to him—set up her camera equipment while balancing her cell phone between her shoulder and cheek. Her head was fully tilted to the right, yet she worked with ease.
“I understand how important this fundraiser is, Mama. I’m just not all that jazzed about taking a bunch of beefcake pictures of some brainless mimbos with more muscles than sense.”
Blake stifled the urge to clear his throat, slightly offended by the photographer’s insult, but he let it slide, unwilling to let her know he was there. He’d never been referred to as a male bimbo before. Even so, he was fairly certain he’d find a way to make her eat those words. He might not be the smartest guy on the planet, but he wasn’t an airhead with a penis either.
The woman sighed heavily, continuing to speak. It occurred to him there was something vaguely familiar about her voice.
For now, he held his tongue, intent on enjoying the view as she bent over to retrieve something from her camera bag, her firm, perfect ass pointed in his direction. She wore skintight jeans that accentuated the bottom half of her generous hourglass just right.
“Fine,” she said in reply to something her mother had said. “I won’t insult the models. At least not to their faces. But I’m reserving the right to make fun of them at Sunday dinner. I can’t believe that last guy was able to squeeze his ego through the front door.”
Ah, Blake thought, her annoyance started to make sense. The last guy had been a tool. He sympathized with the pretty woman. He’d been roped into this charity calendar bullshit too. Sounded like neither he, nor the photographer, were here willingly.
She stood up with her back still to him as she snapped her camera onto the tripod. It was clear her mother was giving her an earful by the short, cutoff replies the photographer was making.
“Yeah, but…”
“I know that. All I’m…”
“Alright, I can…”
Finally the woman pulled her cell away from her ear and mimicked the action of throttling it. Blake lost his ability to remain silent. He chuckled.
The photographer turned to face him and he sucked in an astonished breath.
Chloe Lewis.
For the briefest of moments, he hoped she wouldn’t recognize him. After all, ten years had passed.
That wish was squashed instantly.
Her eyes narrowed when she saw him. “I have to go, Mama.” She didn’t even wait for her mother to say goodbye. Instead, she clicked the end button and slid the cell into her back jeans pocket. It was on the tip of his tongue to express surprise that she could squeeze anything else into the tight denim, but he was starting this conversation on thin ice as it was. No need to make it worse. Though there had always been something about Chloe that had him longing to tease her…just so he could hear her loud, joyful laughter. He’d never met anyone before or since who could laugh with such unrestrained, utter delight.
It was the first thing that had drawn him to her all those years ago. Chloe had trapped him in her tractor beam within minutes of their initial introduction and held him there for months—the best summer of his life. There was no denying the two of them had set off fireworks together—in and out of the bedroom. He’d never understood the word tumultuous until that summer. Perhaps enough time had passed that Chloe would forgive him and they could let bygones be bygones.
Chloe’s eyes flashed fire.
Nope. No bygones.
“Hey, Chloe. Good to see you.”
It was clearly the wrong opening. “Fuck you, Blake.”

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