Status Update

And the countdown to Tuesday and The Back-Up Plan continues. Today I’m spotlighting the third Second Chances book, Status Update. I have to admit I pulled most of the Jimmy Buffett concert happenings for this story from my own experiences. The tiki bar, the topless lifeguard stand (oh yeah…I went up on it) and the rigged up Johnny Blue are all things I’ve done in my past…cue the Come Monday music…”for the Labor Day weekend show.” And I totally got yelled at my girlfriends for carrying a big purse into a nightclub. Oh…and the Rocky Horror Picture Show part (sans sex…sigh) was true too. So basically, I am the still married (and happily) Laura without all the hot sex at concerts, in bars and in movie theaters. Dammit. lol

Status Update 

Some things never change. Others never stay the same. Thank God.

Second Chances, Book 3

Laura Sanders thought post-divorce life would be simple. What a rude awakening to realize that after too many years as a wife and mother, she’s stuck in a rut so deep she’s forgotten how to have fun.

Determined that this year will be different, she sets a New Year’s goal to rediscover the woman she used to be—the one who loved to dance, to laugh, to kiss.

When Bryan Sinclair spots his best friend from high school in the Blue Moon bar, he wonders how the hell he failed to notice her beauty and vitality all those years ago. Laura’s confession that she plans to experience lost opportunities tempts him into joining her on the journey.

Together they make up for lost time, in and out of the bedroom. But there’s one area in which Laura has no plans to change the status quo—her heart. And Bryan has his work cut out convincing her to take another chance. On him. On forever.

Warning: This story contains sex at Rocky Horror, sex at a Jimmy Buffett concert, sex on the stairs, sex on the dining-room table, sex on the dance floor, and even sex in a bed.

Available at AmazonSamhain, and Barnes and Noble.

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    I have enjoyed all of your books to date and look forward to reading this one.

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