The end is near…

…of my family vacation. I’m on the last day of a wonderful beach trip spent with family and friends.

…of my summer holiday. Alas, I return to work at the high school on Monday. Sob.

…of my writing to-do list. I made a list in June of writing duties. Mercifully, I didn’t do too badly. Since mid-June, I’ve written Because You Love Me, White Knight, and done the edits on Slam Dunk. Only one wee thing was left undone, but it’s next up. I still need to write Wild Irish Christmas.

…of the Harry Potter saga. Saw the last movie in July and felt very sad to realize it was then end of an era.

…of my eating! With the end of the beach trip, complete with margaritas, seafood, and big breakfasts, I now return to the dreaded diet on Monday.

Sigh. Always sad to see good things come to an end, but luckily, I have lots of things I’m looking forward to in the fall, such as…

…attending Romanticon and RAW in Sept and Oct.

…writing the last Compass book with Jayne Rylon.

…hanging out with my critique partner, Rhian Cahill, at the end of Sept.

…and, God willing, losing weight, so I can buy some slinky new clothes! 🙂

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