July Report Card

As you know, I’m in education. Summers are my time to rejuvenate, refresh, and lay down some serious words! I started this summer with some very ambitious writing goals and I’ve worked hard to carry through on them. It was the summer of sequels as I wrote Because You Love Me (follow-up to Because of You and White Knight (Travis’s story from Black Jack). They were fun books to write, though both held some special challenges. They were VERY different genres, so it took a bit of doing to switch gears.

Because You Love Me is a romantic suspense novel surrounding Bridget, a journalist who witnesses a brutal killing involving a high-powered judge. After going into protective custody, this New York City girl finds herself in ranch territory–Saratoga, Wyoming, and she’s embroiled in a mystery, trying to find evidence that will put the murdering judge away for a good-long time. While there, she meets Mark and Matt James, Caleb’s twin brothers and from there, the story heats up…in a lot of ways! It’s on my Samhain editor’s desk. Fingers crossed she likes it.

White Knight will mimic the same format as Black Jack. It’s sort of two-stories-in-one as the action switches between the historical Shea and Travis and the contemporary counterparts. I got to stretch my historical writing skills again. I’m a HUGE regency romance fan and it was fun to write in that genre–tough, but fun. The story is set in Scoundrels again, let the fetish fantasies commence. Shea is the new waitress and she’s hiding something from her new boss, Emma. When Travis sees Shea, he instantly senses she is a kindred spirit. He exposes her to some of his kinks–voyeurism and bondage, while succumbing to her in ways he never as before. You see, Shea’s not the only person with a secret.

My next story will be a quickie as I write A Wild Irish Christmas. I’ve been missing the Collins clan and I thought it was time to get the gang back together for the holidays. The mom, Sunday, will make a big appearance in this one!

Then, my fall will be devoted to writing the last (sob) Compass book, Western Ties. Sawyer’s story is fighting to be told. He’s a bad boy…in a very good way.

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  1. By Terri on

    I can’t wait to read all of these. Besides writting, I hope you are able to have some fun during your summer vacation from work.

  2. By Phuong P. on

    Wow! You are one busy woman even during summer break. I hope you get to relax a bit from all that writing. I can’t wait to read all of these books though 🙂

  3. By Susan C. on

    I can’t wait for these to come out. From what I’ve seen of the White Knight and Because You Love Me, your writing has only improved – these are both awesome books. I know Western Ties will be just as amazing, even if it is a 10 hanky story LOL

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