Overnight Contest

And the winner is…………..Julie. I will be sending a copy of No Recourse your way! Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

The International Heat authors are hanging out over at the Samhain Cafe tonight from 7-9 EST. Hope you can stop by. As part of the Red Hot Summer Party, I’m holding a quick little overnight party.

The rules are simple–just take a look at my list of books (already pubbed ones, please)Β and tell me which one you’d like and which ebook format. I’ll choose one winner from the commenters and that person will win the book they selected! Easy peasy. πŸ™‚

I’ll announce the winner around noon EST tomorrow.

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  1. By Barbara on

    I’d like Friday, I’m In Love in Kindle format.

    Mari, thanks for the giveaway!

    bimmergrlmd at gmail dot com

  2. By Marika Weber on

    The first June Girl. Its the only series that I do not have! I know…

  3. By Terri on

    Assume the Position.

    Thanks Mari and hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation.

  4. By gigi s on

    I would love to win Three Reasons Why, it is the only one I don’t have πŸ˜‰


  5. By Jen B. on

    Tequlia Truth. Holy cow, there are so many good books but I know I don’t have Tequila Truth. Thanks for the contest!

  6. By Yvonne R on

    Awesome contest! I’d have to pick Northern Exposure and in PDF. Besides Three Reasons Why, I already have all the others. πŸ™‚

  7. By Ivelisse on

    I haven’t read the Wild Irish series, the first one is a good place to start with Come Monday, pdf πŸ™‚

  8. By Kim B on

    Oh, sorry! I forgot the format! Kindle…my poor kindle.

  9. By Susan C. on

    Hi Mari! Sadly, I haven’t been able to hang out at the party, so I thought I would comment here in order to feel part of it *g*. Obviously, I won’t be entering the contest, unless you are offerring up East or West LOL, since I have all your published books at this point. Just wanted to say hi!

  10. By Susan R on

    It was hard to find one I didn;t have already!
    I’ll go with Retreat – kindle format please! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the great contest! And the chat was fun tonight!

  11. By Zina on

    OH what a nice contest. Power Play for me, in PDF.

  12. By Mai Williams on

    Great contest!! Kiss Me Kate please, for the kindle πŸ™‚

  13. By Danielle W on

    Can’t wait for Southern Comfort!

    Would love to finally read Do Over, for the kindle

  14. By Cara Bristol on

    Wow! I didn’t realize you had written so many books. You certainly set the bar high! I’ve READ Erotic Research.

    It’s a tough pick, but if I win, I’d like to have Tequila Truth in Kindle format if possible (otherwise PDF).

    Thank you.

  15. By Jen Eggers on

    I’d love to read “Power Play”, in PDF.
    Thanks for the contest!
    Jen ;o)

  16. By Julie on

    I’d love to have No Recourse as a PDF, please and thank you!

  17. By Debbie L. on

    INFLAMED.. There is Nothing better than HOT DELICIOUS COWBOYS. PDF format if I’m picked please…

    Good Luck to All. :O)

  18. By Ashley A on

    Really tough choice!! But I have to pick Learning Curves for Kindle (since I just won a Kindle!!)
    Good luck to all!!
    Ashley A

  19. By Mariah Hughes on

    I had to go with the hottest cover and the one that just made me drool in anticipation to read. That would be any of the books in the Compass Brothers Series. I’m in love with all your books. Simply sinfully delicious reads and who can resist those hot male bodies on the covers? Not me!! Talk about lick worthy covers.

    PDF format please.

  20. By Cathy M on

    Sorry I missed the chat, but had a great time with my Dad today.

    I just got thru re-reading Kiss Me Kate, and would love to read Three Reasons Why on my Kindle.

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  21. By AllisonH on

    Hi Mari, just caught up with my messages now, so I’ll try my luck for a PDF copy of Three Reasons Why. I just know the story will match up with it’s absolutely gorgeous delicious cover… Mmm.

  22. By Bobbie B on

    Decisions, decisions lol I would like ‘Erotic Research’, please, in PDF or EPUB. I cannot wait for Southern Comfort!!!! Thanks for the contest!!


    mamaboo7907 @ gmail . com

  23. By Jordan H. on

    I would love Ruby Tuesday in PDF as I’ve just started your Irish series and am loving it so far *grins*

  24. By Dawn on

    I’m so bummed out I missed you girls πŸ™ I was out sailing with my dad for fathers day- thanks for having this contest for those who missed it. Xoxox. It’s so hard to choose just one of your books but I’d have to say Wild Days – Wild Irish series πŸ™‚

  25. By gillian brough on


    I would like the wild irish series I was saving them for the last of all your books.

  26. By Lisa J on

    Three Reasons Why in PDF format. It’s the only one I don’t have.

  27. By Mina Gerhart on

    Great contest Mari πŸ™‚
    I’d love Assume the Positions in PDF (I’m a Kindle person too)

    Mindy πŸ™‚

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