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Today’s theme is living spaces. The setting of Erotic Research plays a very large part in the plot of that story. Julia and Ross have always been very good friends, but when they are trapped in a mountain cabin during a blizzard, they find some very creative, very sexy ways to heat up the chilly nights. Along the way, they are forced to face some hard facts about their true feelings for each other.


He rose and grabbed her hand. “Come on. Let’s go sit by the fire.”

Before dinner, he’d thrown on a pair of gray sweatpants and a faded navy blue T-shirt. Julia admired the way the pants hung low on his hips, yet she couldn’t erase the image of him earlier—shirtless as she knelt in front of his enormous erection. She’d never seen him in anything other than his jeans and a T-shirt on Thursdays, or the Hugo Boss designer suits he wore to the office. Seeing his muscular, bare chest with honest-to-God washboard abs still had her libido doing somersaults. How they were going to coexist in this cabin for who knew how long was beyond her. She hoped for her sake he would keep his clothes on and limit his dressing to the bathroom, lest she make a fool of herself by drooling. She was also fairly certain the size of his penis was something she would see in her dreams for the rest of her life. My God. How could any woman accept something that size inside her? Just the thought of it sent shivers down her spine and she felt an unusual dampness seeping between her legs. So much for ignorance is bliss. Julia suspected this new knowledge of Ross’s generous bounty was only going to cause her even more sleepless nights fantasizing about something that could never be.

Julia started for one of the soft chairs in front of the fireplace, but Ross intercepted and pulled her down with him to sit on the soft bearskin rug. As night fell, the cabin suddenly seemed very romantic. Attempting to distance herself from the fact she was sitting so closely to her hunky best friend, Julia forced her mind to other subjects. Perhaps a cabin like this could be the setting for her new book. An isolated cottage deep in the mountains during a terrible blizzard. It definitely had potential. Even now, as she and Ross were enveloped in cozy warmth with only the fire to light the room, Julia could easily envision the characters from her erotic novel in just such a place.

“So,” Ross said, lying on his side with his head propped on his elbow. Even in such an unassuming pose, Julia couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by his presence beside her.

“How’s the book coming?” he asked, as if reading her mind.

“I’ve only been here a day, Ross. I’ve barely had time to unpack, let alone start writing.”

“Even so,” he continued, “I know you, Jules. You’ve probably been obsessing over the plotline for days. What’s it going to be about?”

Julia blushed as she considered his words. Truth be told, she had been imagining the story every night in bed since she’d read the erotica books he’d loaned her—with him cast in the role of the leading man and her as the heroine. She’d even gone so far as to order a vibrator online, although she hadn’t worked up the nerve to actually use it yet.

“Well?” he persisted.

“Ross, you know I hate it when you pressure me about a story line. Truthfully, I haven’t decided what to write about yet. I’m tossing around a couple of angles.”

“Really,” Ross said, not the least bit put off. “What angles? Maybe I can help you decide.”

“Well,” she began, startled by his persistence. Ross never pushed for story lines. He always trusted her to script a plot completely before she asked him to help her tweak it. “I…was thinking about trying one of those…you know.” She waved her hand in midair, too mortified to tell him where her fantasy world had taken her.

“No,” he said, imitating her vague hand gesture with a grin, “I don’t know.”

Biting her lower lip, Julia scowled at him. “Ross,” she began to protest.

“Domination?” he asked. “Or maybe a kidnapping story where the woman is sold as a sex slave into a harem?”

Afraid Ross might discover how close to the truth he was coming, Julia turned her head to hide the damned blush burning her cheeks. In her fantasy, she was his sex slave. She belonged totally to him, doing anything and everything he asked of her. Thanks to the erotica books he’d loaned her, she now had a wide array of sexual fantasies about him, far beyond the usual missionary-position one she’d indulged in for years. Her favorite one involved him tying her up and forcing her to have multiple orgasms. A purely ridiculous fantasy considering the fact she’d never had a single orgasm and didn’t know the first thing about how to have one, let alone several.

“Hmm.” He took her chin in his fingers and drew her face back to his. “What are you plotting in that delicious little mind of yours, Brown Eyes?”

“I— I—” she stuttered again. “Domination.” She blurted out the word quickly, hoping perhaps he wouldn’t hear or understand what she’d said.

“Domination. And what do you know about domination?” He sat up and slowly moved closer to her.

“Only what I’ve read,” she whispered, her gaze dropping to his lips as he moved even closer.

“Jules.” His breath was hot against her cheek. “I’m going to kiss you.”

“You are?” she asked breathlessly, her tongue sliding along her lower lip.

“Mm-hmm,” he murmured, his lips pressed softly against hers, “and then I’m going to help you do a little research for your novel.”

With those words, his lips opened against hers and his initial soft butterfly kiss took on a life of its own. His lips bruised hers in his intense efforts to possess her mouth. Julia had never been kissed with such reckless passion. All of her previous lovers had been almost timid in the way they approached her. As if they were afraid she would break. Ross seemed to suffer from no such fear. He used his kiss and his body to push her to her back on the soft rug, coming over her, covering her completely and leaving her feeling helpless and desired all at the same time. Julia could feel his enormous erection pressing against her hot center through her soft lounge pants as he pulled her legs apart and settled between them. Overwhelmed, she tried to draw away, if only to catch her breath, but Ross’s large hands captured her head, holding her still for his assault.

“Don’t fight me,” he said gruffly as he continued to use his tongue, lips and teeth on her mouth. “Don’t fight this.”

Domination. The word flitted through her mind as his words came back to her. He’s going to help me research. Research domination.

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