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Today’s theme is work and I thought I’d share a passage from Do Over. Tuesday, June 7 marks the one year anniversary of Carina Press. I was fortunate enough to publish a book with this wonderful pub during their inaugural year. Happy Birthday Carina! 


“Are you sorry we left Carlysle?” Troy asked.
Faith looked up at her husband, surprised by this question. “You had a good job with the construction company. The transfer was a promotion and raise we couldn’t turn down.”
“That’s not what I asked. I could have found another job, Faith.”
“We took the right path. It may have been hard at the time, but looking back, I know deep in my heart, we were right to leave.”
Troy’s face cleared and suddenly she realized her husband had carried around the weight of the move for a long time.
“Why didn’t you ever talk to me about these things, Troy?”
His brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”
“I mean, it seems like you’ve been carrying around a hell of a lot of baggage these past twenty-five years.”
“The engagement ring, taking my virginity, the move. Troy, our life together has been nothing short of perfect. I’ve always thought that and I thought you felt the same way.”
Troy reached out to pull her close. He rubbed his nose against hers, his typical gesture of affection, and he grinned at her. “If you wanna know the truth, I never worried too much about any of that stuff until I started planning this anniversary weekend. You know me, Faith. I’m a man of few words. I don’t always find it easy to say what I’m thinking, let alone what I’m feeling. The letters were the easiest way for me to gather my thoughts, tell you some things I thought you should know. Thing is I started writing those letters and I started remembering things I’d forgotten. After awhile, I realized I was the luckiest bastard on the planet and I was sort of amazed you stuck with me this long.”
She laughed at his admission. “Thank God. I was starting to worry you’d been living with all these guilt issues for years.”
Troy pulled back and gave her an amused look. “Oh, hell no. You’re still hitched to the same caveman you’ve always been stuck with.”
“You’re no caveman and you don’t appear to have been oblivious to anything these past twenty-five years. Heck, I’m starting to think you’re more observant than me.”
Troy laughed, but after listening to her husband’s concerns, she felt as if she needed to make a few amends, as well. “Troy, I think I sort of lost my way these past few months. Let myself wallow in my depression over Jenna leaving without taking your feelings into account. I’m sorry about that.”
“No apology necessary.”
She smiled. “You know. Home has never been a physical place for me. It’s never been a specific dot on the map. Home is anywhere you are.” She looked back at the first home she’d secretly been heartbroken to leave and she realized the truth behind those words. It hadn’t been as hard to leave Carlysle as she’d thought because she was with Troy and the kids.
He sighed contentedly as he took her hand and led her to the car. “Ready to move on?”
She nodded. She already had.
As they pulled out of the driveway, Troy gestured to the photo album. “Time for the next page.”
The hardest thing I’d ever had to do was tell you that the construction company was expanding and we would have to move to Parksville. Asking you to uproot from your hometown, to leave your parents and to start from scratch in a city full of strangers felt like way more than I had the right to request. You’d already given me two healthy, beautiful children and you’d worked hard to make our house on Anders Street into a home.
After our wedding, we’d chosen to live in Carlysle because we knew it was a safe place and that we would always be surrounded by our families. We said Carlysle was where we wanted our kids to grow up. I worried for days before I could actually bring myself to say the words aloud to you.
And, in your typical fashion (you would think I would have known better after twelve years of marriage), you smiled and said let’s go. You treated it as an adventure and I think it was your enthusiasm that made it so easy for the kids to accept. Hell, it made it easier for me to accept. All of us were nervous, afraid of what the future would bring and yet, you made certain our adjustment to a new city and our new lives was painless, easy.
Once again, with your quiet confidence, you gave me the courage to make a fresh start somewhere else. You helped the kids adjust to their new schools, you made our new house from almost from the first week we moved in, and you never made me feel like you were anything other than completely happy with our changed circumstances.
You’re my home, Faith. You always have been and God-willing, you always will be.
Love, Troy

Do Over is available at Carina, Amazon, Sony, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance Ebooks.

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