Spring into Savings – Any Given Sunday


Spring into savings with the last book in the Wild Irish series, Any Given Sunday. It’s an m/m/f menage with shades of BDSM. Woooo! It’s a hot one!

The child who is born on the Sabbath day, is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

Sean Collins is happy working at the family pub and sharing a house with the woman of his dreams. He and Lauren are equals in every way, including in bed, where they burn the sheets. Life is good. Even if he must hide a couple of secrets to keep it that way.

Lauren is madly in love with Sean. They share everything—almost. She can’t deny sensing…something. A certain feeling when she, Sean and their friend Chad are all together. But she doesn’t press. How can she when she’s not being completely forthright herself?

Chad is feeling pretty miserable, and renting a room in Sean and Lauren’s home has only made it worse. In a house filled with secrets, Chad’s are doozies.

When an opportunity arises to explore their deep desires, the trio plunges into a sex-filled, emotionally charged ménage. Long-buried feelings are revealed, changing their lives irrevocably. Whether for better or worse, only Sean, Chad and Lauren can decide.

“I kissed Lauren this afternoon.”
The words flew from his lips more abruptly than he’d intended.
Sean stared at him for a very long, very frozen moment. Then his gaze traveled to Lauren. “He did?”
From the corner of his eyes, Chad saw Lauren nod.
“It was my fault,” he added. “She tripped and I caught her. It was a stupid, impulsive thing to do, but I swear to you, man, it’ll never happen again.”
Sean rubbed his cheek and Chad stood his ground. It was impossible to know how Sean would respond to anything. Typically his reactions were so unconventional, they left Chad speechless.
This time was no exception.
“You’ve never kissed her before today?” Sean asked.
Chad shook his head, confused.
Sean looked at Lauren then winked. “Is he a better kisser than me?”
She released a loud breath that betrayed how much confessing to Sean had scared her. Leave it to his friend to break the tension with humor. “Sean,” she said.
Sean shrugged. “Sort of surprised it’s never happened before this. I mean, you guys have been in each other’s faces pretty much night and day for the past six years.”
Chad put his hands in his pockets, unsure how to reply. Sean was right. He’d lusted after Lauren for years. Spent at least a thousand nights dreaming of her soft lips…
He needed to get out of here. He wasn’t sure how to explain the difference between living in this house versus the apartment he’d shared with Sean, but it was as if his entire life was suddenly moving too fast, as if his days were numbered.
Sean and Lauren would get married, move on without him, and he was acting like an ass trying to cling to something that wasn’t there to begin with.
He sighed. It felt as if a huge part of his life was missing.
“You don’t wanna take a swing at me?” Chad asked. “I think if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d pound your ass into the ground.”
Sean shook his head. “I’m not mad.”
Chad looked at Lauren, who grinned as they both recalled her saying the exact same words a few minutes earlier.
Sean sat down on the couch. “I guess I should be, but I’m not. In fact…” He paused and Chad waited to hear the rest of his sentence.
“In fact what?” Lauren asked.
Sean grinned crookedly. “Naw, it’ll sound too weird.”
“Say it,” Lauren prompted.
“I’m sort of sorry I didn’t get to see it.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Chad asked, his temper exploding. He’d been kicking his own ass all afternoon, feeling like the world’s biggest shit, and now Sean was saying he was sorry he didn’t get to see his best friend betraying him.
“Told you it was weird.”
Lauren perched herself on the end of the recliner. “Only you would regret something like that.” She laughed lightly before sobering. “Sean, I love you. I would never, ever cheat on you. I swear it.”
“I know that. And I think if it had been any other guy doing the kissing, you’d be pulling me off him right now as I tried to beat him to a pulp.” Sean looked at him and Chad fought to catch a breath at the complete and unquestionable understanding in his friend’s gaze. “But Chad’s different. He’s a part of us.”
Sean’s words hit him like a blow to the chest and Chad realized two things. One, he wanted to be a part of them. And two—he wasn’t.
“I’ll pack,” he said. “Move out.”
“What?” Sean stood quickly, shaking his head. “The hell you will. Didn’t you hear what I said? You belong here.” Sean looked at Lauren. “Right?”
Clearly Sean was suddenly worried Lauren would be uncomfortable with the current living arrangements.
“Right,” she said, so confidently there could be no mistaking her agreement.
They both wanted him to stay. He’d never felt so wanted…and so trapped.

Any Given Sunday is also available at Ellora’s Cave, Barnes and Noble, Sony and All Romance Ebooks.

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