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Spring into Savings with Spitfire–a cowboy quickie with an alpha male and a spitfire. Who’ll tame who? All the red hot sex you can handle for $2.50. It’s a bargain! 🙂

Rem Bradley has loved Liv Carter for far too long. After his father’s sudden death, Rem comes home for good—ready to reclaim his family’s ranch and his woman. Problem is, the spitfire he finds brawling in the roughest bar in town is not the girl he left behind.

Liv recognizes trouble when she sees it, but she’d be a fool to resist Rem’s seductive demands. Starting in the barn where they’d left off years ago, they use every available body part, plus a toy or two, to bring each other maximum pleasure. To make up for past mistakes, however, Rem is going to have to do a hell of a lot more than just satisfy her body—but that’s a damn good start.


“Let’s go,” he murmured in her ear, backing them both away from the pool table and forcing his way through the crowd gathering.

“No,” she said, attempting to break his iron-tight grip on her. “He owes me money.”

“I’ll give you the goddamn fifty dollars,” Rem growled. “Now move!”

Angry words began flying across the table and Rem wasn’t sure who threw the beer bottle but within seconds, every man in the room jumped and he was reminded of a pack of wild dogs he’d once seen attack an unprotected calf. Chaos ensued.

He was shoved roughly from behind, losing his grip on Liv, who’d been waiting for a chance at freedom. She made her way over to Butch, grabbing the man and punching his jaw with the force of a trained boxer. Rem tried not to be impressed, but she was fierce and powerful and by God, she was going to be his. He couldn’t wait to release that fiery spirit in the bedroom.

Rem knocked over three men, punching two others as he attempted to retrieve Liv before Butch could retaliate. His blood turned cold as he watched Butch reach down, grab a pool cue and swing it at Liv. She ducked the blow at the last minute, slamming forward into the man’s gut with her head. Butch fell backward, crashing into a table before hitting the floor.

“You fucking bitch,” he screamed as he attempted to get to his feet, slipping on spilled beer.

The hustlers made their way over to Liv, ready to attack, and Rem blocked a punch from one man while delivering a roundhouse kick to Slick, who’d attempted to sneak up behind him. He watched Liv dispatch the third man by smashing a beer bottle over his head. Rem moved forward, shoving Liv toward the back door as sirens broke through the air. The rioting mass of men scattered like ants at the sound of the police approaching. He managed to get Liv out of the building and around to his truck in time to watch four police cars pull into the parking lot.

She started to walk toward her own vehicle as Rem dug his keys out of his pocket.

“Not so fast, spitfire,” he said, intercepting her and lifting her up with a strong arm around her waist. “You’re riding home with me.”

“My truck’s right there,” she said.

“You’ve been drinking. I can smell it on your breath.”

“I had one beer,” she said. She kicked up a fuss but Rem was in no mood.

He pulled the passenger door open and placed her none too gently in the seat. “Goddammit, Olivia. Sit still!” His words were harsh, loud, and she stopped fighting him as he hooked her seat belt.

“You are seriously pissing me off, Rem Bradley,” she seethed.

He chuckled mirthlessly. “Oh darlin’, you can’t compete with me on pissed off right now.”

He slammed her door shut and crossed to the driver’s side. As he started the truck and pulled onto the road, he forced himself to calm down, forced himself to take several deep breaths.

“I hope to God you don’t think you can start ordering me around now that you’re home,” she said.

Rem’s vision went red with fury and he pulled the truck off the road, squealing the tires as he hit the brakes.

“Jesus Christ!” she yelled, bracing herself with both hands on the dashboard. “What are trying to do? Kill us?”

The memory of her initiating the massive fight at Stan’s drifted through his mind and his temper snapped. She’d done nothing but test his patience since she’d turned seventeen. He’d shied away from staking his claim out of respect for his father and her youth, but that time had passed. Liv Carter had just spent her last night as a free woman.

Unhooking her seat belt, he grabbed her and pulled her across the seat. He didn’t give her a chance to respond as he took her lips in a kiss that showed her exactly what she was about to become.

His woman.

He forced her lips apart, moving into her mouth with his tongue, tasting and touching every part of her he could reach. Dragging his hands along her neck, he dug his fingers into her thick, silky mass of light brown hair, using his grip to hold her head in place while he feasted on her plump lips.

He wasn’t surprised by her initial astonishment. She remained motionless for several seconds before he felt her small hands pushing against his chest in a halfhearted attempt to fight him. He deepened the kiss and she responded for several glorious moments before he practically heard the wheels begin to spin in her lovely brain.

He pulled his face away from hers when she increased the pressure on his chest, trying to shove him away.

“Don’t fight me, Liv.”

“Don’t kiss me,” she whispered, her gaze averted.

He grinned, forcing her to look at him with a slight tug on her hair. “I’m gonna do a hell of lot more than just kiss you,” he warned. “You might want to go ahead and accept that fact.”

Spitfire is also available at Ellora’s Cave, Barnes and Noble, Sony and All Romance Ebooks.

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    This is one of my favorite books by you, Mari. This wicked tease will have me reading it again soon.


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