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Retreat was my second book with Ellora’s Cave. It was my first foray into romantic suspense and BDSM.

Jon Walker and Night Thomas lived their childhood in a cult. They embraced the lifestyle, and it was there that they were trained as BDSM Masters. Only when the cult was infiltrated by undercover agent Reilly did the boys learn of the cult’s seedy underside, and help to destroy it.

Nearly fifteen years later, Jon’s job as a high school teacher—and his lust for the school’s gorgeous secretary, Carly—bring him close to the normal life he’s always craved. Just when that life is within his grasp, Reilly returns. An incarnation of the cult has resurfaced with Jon’s evil mother at the helm, and Reilly wants Jon and Night to go undercover to stop Cassandra Walker once and for all.

Shocked by his mother’s return and his BDSM past come back to haunt him, Jon is terrified of Carly discovering his dark secrets. Including the darkest of all—his complex relationship with Night, and his unrelenting urge to share Carly with his best friend.


“What the hell is wrong with you today?” She yanked off her denim jacket and threw it across the room.

Still angry, he was itching for a fight. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me. You!” He pointed a finger at her before divesting himself of his own leather coat. “You’re what’s wrong with me, but you know what, Blue Eyes? I’m about to correct that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She backed away slowly but he matched her step for step.

“I’m talking about the fact that you are so fucking blind to your own beauty you can’t see when a man is attracted to you. That was no goddamn pity kiss and if you can’t tell the difference, then it’s obvious you need to be taught a lesson about kissing.”


He halted her retreat by grabbing her upper arms and pulling her toward his chest.

“Lesson.” His lips descended on hers in a kiss that her insecure mind could never mistake for pity or friendship. It was an outright possession, an unreserved claiming. His tongue explored her mouth and his teeth nipped lightly at her lips as his hands moved up to cup her face, holding her still for his amorous assault. And an assault is exactly what it was. He gave her no quarter, no reprieve, no opportunity to misunderstand his meaning this time. She was not going to be his friend or his girl next door.

She was going to be his.

When he lifted his lips from hers, he saw such a mixture of emotion in her eyes that he didn’t know what to respond to first—the confusion, the fear or the desire. Both of them were breathing heavily and he allowed her to take one step back. He needed to give her time to consider his actions, his intentions, his longings. He was finished fighting the past. He wanted a future. Clearly she read his objective without words, because he saw her eyes widen with the realization.

“Come here.” He deliberately softened his tone, not wanting to frighten her any more.


“Come here, Carly.”

“Jon…” She was obviously stalling for time, but his patience was in tatters. Refusing to listen to any more of her rambling diatribes, he grabbed her roughly, pushing her back against the nearest wall. His lips cut off her protest, taking hers as if his life depended on stealing all the breath in her body.

She was stunned motionless for several moments before he felt something give way and she succumbed to his intense kiss. Her hands slid slowly up his chest, continuing until his grip on her upper arms loosened enough that she could wrap her arms around his neck, her hands pulling his hair, keeping his lips on hers.

Unwilling to give up control of the kiss, his own hands traveled down her back until he reached her buttocks, firmly gripping each cheek and pulling her toward him until he was able to grind his hard erection into her soft stomach.

She seemed shocked by the intimacy of his actions and he felt her pull back from the kiss. “Jon?”

“No. No more talking.” 

Retreat is also available at Ellora’s Cave, Barnes and Noble, Sony and All Romance Ebooks.

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  1. By Brandy W on

    You bad, bad woman. Here I am catching up on my emails and see the post with Kiss Me, Kate. I hop on my Nook and start looking. I swear I have half the books already but when I search my library I don’t see them. Back to the Nook shop and start picking what I want. Kiss, Me Kate to start with. Then I troll through the rest and think “I’ll be good and just put them on my wishlist.”

    Back to my email and I see this post. I grumble then start thinking. “It’s only gonna be these prices for a little while right. I’m not sure if EC will change then back.”

    Now I’m off to my Nook again cause I SWEAR I have this and if not I’m totally getting it. 😀

  2. By Sandie on

    Mari, I loved your Retreat!!! It is a “read over and over” book that I never tire of.

    According to my excel “cheat sheet” I posted that it was Very, Very Highly Recommended. That I still feel that way every time I read it again, is a testament to your skill with plots and words.


  3. By Phuong on

    Retreat is one of my favorite books & I have read it over and over again.
    This was my first menage book & I loved the relationship between Jon, Carly, and Night.

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