Easter Blog Hop!

Easter Hoppin Blog Hop

My contest is very easy. Simply click on the Books page and check out all the cover candy. Leave a comment here, telling me which cover is your favorite and why. One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of Wild Days (the print combo of Come Monday and Ruby Tuesday).

Once you’ve left your comment, why not hop over to some of these other super cool blogs for a chance to win even more prizes?!

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Posted April 15, 2011 by Mari Carr in category "Uncategorized


  1. By Maria S (pronounced Mariah) on

    I like Northern Exposure…That is one smoking hot cowboy on the cover!

    Thanks! mmafsmith(at)gmail(dot).com

  2. By wendy p on

    Northern Exposure cause those two cowboys get my blood boiling.

  3. By Kimberly F on

    Definitely Power Play!!! The contrast and the position of the models….Its just so strong and striking!!

    blazesandbubbles AT gmail DOT com

  4. By Lisa b on

    I like Three Reasons Why book cover. It’s sexy and suddestive and leaves your imagination to the rest. lol Your book covers are awesome Mari!

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  5. By Brandy W on

    Kiss Me, Kate. Hot guy and motorcycle!!! That’s all that needs to be said. lol

  6. By SharonJML on

    Oh boy. So many choices. I think i’ll pick Happy Hour

  7. By Melissa on

    I love the cover on No Recourse!

    Thanks for the chance to win:)

    mk261274 at gmail dot com

  8. By Carol L on

    Oh I love Spitfire. Such an Alpha looking Man. Beautiful…
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  9. By elaing8 on

    I love the Northern Exposure cover.Two hot guys on the cover.And the soft blue and the mountains in the back really adds to the cover.Plus it was an awesome book.

  10. By Susan R on

    For a cover I like Three Reasons Why best.

    Though it was a tough choice!!

    susanmik AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks for the great contest!

  11. By Donna/BLHmistress on

    I love Power Play love how he is about to nibble on her neck and the way he is clutching her breasts that is so so sexy.


  12. By jennifer mathis on

    can I go with all of them … really to narrow it down is inhumane .. alright Northern Exposure cause hello cowboys

    meandi09@ yahoo.com

  13. By Andrea I on

    I like Sugar and Spice and Assume the Positions.


  14. By Mona Garg on

    I am torn between Northern Exposure b/c I have a thing for cowboys and No Regrets b/c the cover is so beautiful.

  15. By Susan C. on

    Can I say the whole black & white collection? I just love the elegance of them, and the red popping out and the lovely font. So gorgeous. If I have to pick just one, it would be Power Play because I love the way the man is wrapped around the woman.

  16. By Jessica McQuinn on

    OH MY!! How do I pick?? I have a little weakness for cowboys so I’ll have to go with Northern Exposure…

  17. By Janete on

    Mari Right now I trully love the cover of Northern Exposure because of Two cowboys. wide open spaces and the story was fantastic!

  18. By JessS on

    I like the No Regrets cover because it looks really professional, I love the colour scheme and the chick on the front is really pretty. Other than that I like Sugar and Spice.
    I’m international.

  19. By June M. on

    Northern Exposure because it has two hawt cowboys! LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  20. By Monique on

    I like the cover to Power Play. It’s very tender and sexy.
    asiancocoa94 at aol dot com

  21. By Megan @Amethyst Daydreams on

    I like the cover for retreat the best.

    Amethystdaydreams at zoho dot com

  22. By Mary Preston on

    “Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice” has a beautiful ‘film noir’ quality to it. My eyes were drawn immediately to this stunning cover.

  23. By Valerie on

    I love the covers for Tequila Truth (actually for the entire Black & White collection) and Three Reasons Why…so many beautiful covers, it’s hard to choose.

  24. By Irene Jackson on

    Northern Exposure because I’ve got a dreadful weakness for cowboys :)Is this giveaway International for the hop? Hope so as I’m in England.

  25. By StacieDM on

    I like the cover for Learning Curves because it is in silhouette. Sometimes what you don’t see is more interesting than having an in-your-face cover.

    BTW – it was great meeting you at the RT eBook Expo!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  26. By JoAnna B on

    I like the cover for Everything Nice!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  27. By Little Lamb Lost on

    I love the cover of Ruby Tuesday. Strong Guy with guitar? ’nuff said.

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  28. By Judy Cox on

    Mad About Meg!! I like the colors and how they are used. The water and the blue tint on the characters on the front.


  29. By Linda Henderson on

    I like Sugar and Spice. It is one hot cover.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  30. By Sarah Bibi Setar on

    Three Reasons Why, Mad About Meg, Kiss Me, Kate, Erotic Research and the High School series caught my eye. Couldn’t chose one. Sorry. But love them all.


  31. By Nancy Gilliland on

    I think my favorite cover, (although I love all the Wild Irish covers) is Inflamed. It just seems to really match the story!

  32. By Willa Edwards on

    I really like Friday I’m in love. It think its so interesting with the hero and heroine in pictures on the cover. Very unique. As far as heat Sugar and Spice appeals to me. That one is Hot Hot Hot.

  33. By Laura H. on

    Thanks for the giveaway and for participating in this blog hop! My favorite cover is “Three Reasons Why” because it gushes sensuality!!


  34. By Danielle Gorman on

    Power Play and Sugar and Spice are my favorites. There is just something about Power Play, grabs my attention everytime. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. By Sherry S. on

    My favorite cover is Rekindled it’s totally hot.

  36. By Angela Sanders on

    All of the covers are HOT, but Northern Exposure is my fave–not one but two gorgeous cowboys!
    adsanders77 at gmail dot com

  37. By Jolene A on

    I love the cover to Happy Hour. The girls bra on the cover just pops and makes the cover eye catching. It was the first on I noticed, hot cover and really want to read it


  38. By bonnie on

    Happy Hour and Tease the Cougar are my favorites, just enough to spark the imgination

  39. By Shannon J on

    Three Reasons Why- thank you!!

  40. By Jessica B. on

    it’s so hard to choose one cover. A lot of them are very similar and all of them are really hot! But I’d have to say that I really enjoy the ones with the cowboys on them or the ones with a guy and a girl and the jeans. They make me all drool. I hope that you have a great weekend!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  41. By Stella (Ex Libris) on

    Wow, so many great covers to choose from! One of my favourites is Power Play: love the black and white and red play of the colours. It is teasing and so sensual, love it!

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  42. By Danielle (lush26) on

    Tequila truth- looks freaking hot! Thanks for joining. And what a great giveaway your doing. Thank you!

    Lushbookreviews at yahoo dot com

  43. By Tanya on

    I love all the covers for various reasons, but I’m going to have to say that ‘Rough Cut’ draws me back again and again. I think it’s the guys stance, not letting her break free. Almost a sign of possession?! *sigh* Plus, I’m a shoulders and arms kind of girl, and you can definitely see more of those hot attributes in that picture! 🙂

    I’m so glad to see you on the hop, Mari!! YAY! I would love to get my hands on Wild Days! Thanks for the opportunity! *crosses fingers*

    amongthemuses (at) gmail (dot) com

  44. By Heather booksavvybabe) on

    Hey! I love the cover for Happy Hour. I like the coloring, the dark colors with the pop of red…it’s eye catching and interesting. It makes we wanna read the blurb! Anyhow, happy easter blog hop!
    booksavvybabe AT gmail DOT com

  45. By Linda D. on

    Wow! They’re all so hot! I think I love Rough Cut the most though. Something about the way black and white looks. Incredibly sexy guy too! Thanks of the awesome giveaway!
    Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

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