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This week’s theme is a fun one that’s sure to bring lots of variety in terms of the snippets you’ll be reading. My choice of excerpt to share was easy. Today I’ll be featuring a bit from the book, Happy Hour. Why did I choose that you ask? Because my editor just offered for Slam Dunk, the sequel and Trey’s story! Woot! Woot!

Happy Hour Snippet:

“Take off your clothes,” Jamie murmured against her flushed skin. “I want to see you.”

She reached for the buttons on her blouse, noticing that neither man seemed inclined to give her much room to move. Trey’s hands covered hers as he tried to hurry her up. Jamie’s hands only left her for a moment as she removed the material, then he quickly returned to exploring the bare skin of her waist. As soon as her blouse hit the floor, Jamie’s hands moved up to unhook her bra. In mere seconds, she was bare to the waist as well. She waited for some response, some hesitation when they realized what they were asking for by inviting an older woman to bed. It never came.

Neither stopped their assault on her senses and her sensitive flesh. Trey’s hands returned to her breasts, his fingers plucking at her nipples until she was squirming against Jamie’s covered cock. She was on fire and nothing short of being completely consumed by the flames would suffice. She pulled her lips away from Trey’s kiss, sucking in some much-needed air.

“Please,” she said, not sure what the hell she was pleading for—air, sex, more touching, more kissing, more everything. Her legs threatened to give way and Jamie’s hands grasped her more firmly, pulling her back against his chest.

“Just relax,” Jamie whispered.

“Relax?” Her voice betrayed her and she knew relaxing was the last thing she was going to be able to do. They both chuckled.

“Let us take care of you tonight, Gracie. We know what you need,” Trey assured her.

“Well, that’s comforting, considering I don’t have a clue.” She wanted far too much.

Trey’s hands drifted from her breasts to the clasp of her jeans she’d quickly changed into before heading to Tully’s and she sucked in a nervous breath. Moment of truth.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jamie said. “I can’t wait to see you naked. I’m going to lick every inch of this soft skin.”

She trembled, but felt relief at his words. She and Jamie helped Trey—six hands working her jeans and panties over her hips. She toed off her sandals, kicked off the denim and held her breath.

Trey’s gaze raked her from head to toe while Jamie started to make good on his licking promise, his tongue and teeth toying with her earlobe as he reached around her chest to grip her breasts in his large hands.

“Jesus,” Trey muttered. He licked his lips as his attention remained riveted to her chest and Jamie’s hands. Before she could wonder whether his response was good or bad, he bent down and captured one of her hard nipples in his mouth. Her hands flew to his head and she ran her fingers over it, marveling at the rough texture of his short hair.

As Trey sucked, bit, devoured her breasts, Jamie’s hands found their way to her ass. He cupped the cheeks, squeezing firmly before dragging one finger along the slit. She turned her head, anxious to see Jamie’s face. She needed to know, to reassure herself that he was okay with this.

He smiled when he caught her looking, and then placed a quick kiss on her lips. “You’re incredible, Grace. Perfect. I knew you would be.”

She blinked back the happy tears his words provoked. “Jamie—” She paused, uncertain what to say, how to express to him what this night truly meant to her. She knew for them it was a one-night stand, a one-time deal and she was okay with that. A threesome was a fantasy, but definitely not something she wanted more than once. Jamie’s hand touched her face gently and she fought back the realization of what she did want.


She wanted Jamie, alone, for way more than one night. The answer seemed so obvious, she wondered how she could have missed it.

“Stop worrying,” he murmured against her lips. “Everything will be fine.”

She nodded, wondering if he could somehow read her thoughts. She dismissed that thought. No, he clearly thought she was worried about the sex. Sex with two virile, healthy, young men.

Well, that thought certainly washed away every other worry. What was she doing here? How could she possibly satisfy both of them?

Jamie grinned. “Trey. I think we better move this show to the bed. Grace’s head is starting to catch up with her body. We must not be doing something right.”

She laughed at his jest. “Believe me, you’re doing everything right.”

Trey rose as Jamie took her hand and led her to his bed. He gently pushed on her shoulders, urging her to sit. She watched both men glance at each other and she giggled, suddenly sensing there were parts of this night that were just as uncomfortable for them.

“You guys okay?” She lifted her eyebrows to prove she knew what was holding them back. While they’d removed their shirts, she wondered how they felt about shucking their jeans and standing side by side with matching erections. “It’s not a contest, you know.”

She hoped her words would put them at ease. Jokes and teasing were second nature to their relationship.

Jamie shrugged. “I’m not gonna pretend I’m not worried about that myth surrounding black guys.” His words were spoken lightly and she watched Trey grin at the joke.

“Who says it’s a myth?” Trey challenged.

She laughed, her concerns about the evening drifting away. These guys were her friends and they always would be. The rest would just have to be sorted out come morning.

Happy Hour is available at Samhain, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Fictionwise, Sony and All Romance Ebooks.

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  1. By Sandie on

    Mari, I already have this fantastic book. I drooled as I read this enthralling, super hawt, sexy, and completely fasinating story.

    I’ll make you a deal… You keep writting them and I’ll keep buying them.

  2. By savonna on

    Woohoo!! I love Happy Hour! sigh… Jaime and Trey are so yummy!! I can’t wait to read Slam Dunk. I hope we get to see some of the Happy Hour crew in Trey’s story!! Do you know yet, when it will release? Thanks for writing such awesome stories!!

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