Overnight Contest

And the winner is………….Debra Thomas.

To celebrate the release of Northern Exposure, book one in the Compass Brothers series, on Tuesday, Jayne Rylon and I are holding an overnight contest. The winner will be announced before nine EST tomorrow.

The rules are simple. In the comments section, tell us which “direction” you’d prefer for a date night.

North – A hike to the top of a gorgeous mountain with a pre-staged dinner in a candlelit tent and two fine cowboys to keep you warm.

South – Quiet night in a secluded cabin with a tall, fun-loving cowboy who’s into bondage.

East – Night out on the town, dinner and dancing at a fancy club with successful business executive.

West – Long, romantic walk on the beach, followed by kinky sex at a local BDSM club with a Coast Guard officer.

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  1. By Marika Weber on

    West for sure. You said officer………….sold. 😉

  2. By Nancy Gilliland on

    They all sound great, but if I can only pick one, it would be North-like the commercial says’double your pleasure, double your fun’

  3. By Lisa b on

    I’m fron the north so give me North! Hike in the mountains.

    Lisa B

  4. By Tracey D on

    North! There is no doubt that two cowboys are better than none!

    I can’t wait to read this. Thanks for the contest.

  5. By Susan C. on

    West! Beach – Yes! Kinky sex – Yes! Man in uniform – Yes!

    Oh who am I kidding, I’d go for them all LOL

  6. By Cheryl S on

    All are very appealing, but I’ll go for West!

  7. By Susan R on

    Really? You are going to make me pick? Why can’t I have them all??!!!

    Hmmm…. such a hard choice. They all sound so appealing!

    South . . . No! West . . . No! North . . .

    *sigh* do I really have to pick just one??!

    OK – I’ll go with South (I think! LOL)

  8. By Kathryn on

    Hmm…West, but I’d skip the kink until I got to know him better. I’m shy like that 🙂

  9. By Cathy Mack on

    Would love to work my way through all of them, Mari, but will go with North. A cowboy menage is just too delicious.

  10. By Kim on

    Can I have East AND West????? They’re twins, can’t separate them! LOL

  11. By Marika Weber on

    Hey, I’ve pre-ordered this so don’t put me in the hat to win. Also don’t tell Seth that I would do Sawyer. Something about an officer and kink…… 😉

  12. By Mary P. on

    Wow at frist I thought west then east then south and I yhink north wins?

  13. By Rayna on

    I have to say West. I like the long walks and to think that at the club there will be spectators, its a turn on.

  14. By Lillie H. on

    South and West, no question! Just can’t choose between the two.

  15. By Janette on

    I was going to say south or west until I looked at your descriptions North for sure.

  16. By Reba on

    I could go in any of the directions…LOL but South and west just keep jumping out at me. Looking forward to reading Northern Exposure

  17. By Sherry on

    How about Northwest? Ha! I’d like to have the two sexy cowboys but I’d like to be on a beach instead of hiking a mountain. LOL! If I have to choose one I’ll go north cause I want the two cowboys.

  18. By Debra Thomas on

    Hey! I made it!!! And Yes…I had to use a compass… 😉

    My compass is pointing North! I am a nature girl at heart, just not bodily any more…lol

    Really want to read Northern Exposure and I have this funny feeling it is going to be very hard waiting on the others.

    And Oh Yeah! Two Cowboys! Geesh…that was tough…lol

    Take care and congrats to those who win!


  19. By Tracie Travis on

    They all sound so yummy! As a country girl in Cali I would have to for the cowboysssss and say NORTH! Yehaw!

  20. By Foretta on

    Oh I think I am going to choose the twins, east and west…yum

  21. By Eve on

    I would love to take a romantic walk on the beach with West

  22. By Gabrielle on

    Well they all sound pretty good! But since I can only pick one and also since I’m sort of into nature, I’d have to pick north. I think it be a great surprise to hike up a mountain and find a romantic dinner waiting for, but then again I’m sort of a hopeless romantic that way!

    The fact that I’d have two yummy cowboys waiting for me is a just a major bonus! Sigh.

  23. By PhyllisC on

    They all sound interesting but I think I would choose North. Although the beach was very tempting.

  24. By Darcy on

    I am a northern girl
    Love it here, and have to choose the NORTH.
    The mountains and oh..yeah….good times…*S*
    Nice to snuggle and all that real up close and personal…no time to chilly!
    Thank you


    pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

  25. By Patti on

    Oh I am soooo going North….candle light AND TWO fine cowboys!!!

  26. By Lauren Fraser on

    Hmm decisions, decisions. They all sound pretty good. *grin* But I’m gonna have to go with North.

  27. By Beth C. on

    Hard to choose between South and West, but I think I’ll go with South, just because it will be here sooner.

  28. By Lindsey Ekland on

    Looking forward to reading Northern Exposure and that’s the direction I’m choosing.

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