Facebook Change

In planning a Facebook party with Jayne Rylon for our virtual book tour, I realized I would be better able to do what I wanted to do if I had a Fan page rather than a Friend page on Facebook. SO…I’m making the switch. Eventually, I will phase out my friend page completely (probably by the end of March).

I hope this is a relatively painful process, but there are two parts…

1. Click here and “Like” the Mari Carr, author page.

2. Then, click on your friend list and unfriend Mari Carr.

Our big Facebook party will be on March 11 and I’m hoping to have as many folks on the fan page by then since that’s where I’ll be holding the party. It will allow me to post some red-hot excerpts! AND there will be prizes. Did I mention the prizes???

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.

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