WiP Wednesday

It’s time for Work in Progress Wednesday. Each week I’ll share a short snippet of some of the stories I’m currently writing. Please bear in mind lots of these excerpts will be from rough drafts (aka unedited).

Today, I’m sharing a snippet from Slam Dunk. This story is the sequel to Happy Hour and features Trey. I’ve just recently submitted the completed book to my Samhain editor and I hope it will become the sixth book in the Black & White Collection.

When Derek leaned down and tried to kiss Ellie, Trey felt the cable snap. For the first time in his life, jealousy snaked through his body and he started toward the dance floor. He pulled up short when he saw Ellie break away from Derek, whispering something in his friend’s ear. Derek headed back to the table, while Ellie took off in the direction of the ladies’ room.

He debated which direction to go and then he followed her. She’d just entered the small restroom when he pushed the door open, walking in after her.

“What the hell—” she started.

He cut off the rest of her complaint with his lips. As he kissed her, he turned and pushed her back against the door. Raising his hand, he flipped the lock. It wasn’t until he’d secured them inside that he realized she wasn’t fighting him. She’d raised her arms, wrapping her hands around his neck. She was kissing him back. Seriously kissing him.

If he hadn’t been so into her sweet kisses, he’d have been grinning his ass off. For several moments, he let himself fall into the pleasure of simply holding her. He licked her lower lip before pushing his tongue inside to taste the slight tang of the tequila and lime. She returned the touch.

“Ellie,” he whispered, but she stopped him from saying more, pulling him closer, keeping his lips pressed to hers.

Finally, they parted, staring at each other and breathing heavily.

“I don’t like you dancing with Lisa,” she said.

Her words tweaked something inside him. She wouldn’t go out with him, but he wasn’t allowed to dance with anyone else? For a second, his brain failed to process the fact he didn’t want to dance with Lisa. “Tough shit. I don’t want you kissing Derek.”

She narrowed her eyes. “I can kiss anyone I want. I don’t belong to you.”

“Like hell,” he growled, kissing her once more.

Ellie’s fingers gripped the front of his shirt tightly as she roughly pulled him closer. He knew what was driving his hungry motions. It was jealousy, pure and simple. It appeared Ellie shared the sentiment. She raised her leg and wrapped it around his waist. He took the cue. Gripping her ass, he lifted her so that she could raise both legs. The position pushed her skirt higher and made it easy for him to press his denim-covered cock against her pussy.

Trey reconsidered his previous assumption. It wasn’t jealous driving this moment. It was desire.

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  1. By Marika Weber on

    I seriously can not wait for this one………love it, thanks for sharing……

  2. By L. Johnson on

    Hot snippet, you have succeeded in making me want more of this story. Hurry up and get it finished, lol.

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