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Thought I’d try something new on the blog this year. So…I give you Work in Progress Wednesday. Each week I’ll share a short snippet of some of the stories I’m currently writing. Please bear in mind lots of these excerpts will be from rough drafts (aka unedited).

Today I thought I’d share a bit from Inflamed. This book is currently sitting on my Ellora’s Cave editor’s desk. My hope is that it will be a companion piece to the other stories in my Cowboy books (Spitfire and Rekindled). It’s a m/m/f menage story.

Max walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Easy now,” he murmured in her ear. “Don’t fall down.”

As his strong arms embraced her, pulling her tightly to his chest, she looked up, surprised to find Shaw still standing in front of her. For just a moment, she let herself soak up their warmth, their vibrancy. Neither man seemed bothered by the fact they were standing so near to one another. They’d always been best friends, closer than brothers, but their actions led her to wonder just how tight they really were. A wave of heat passed through her body at the thought.

She was tempted to test the waters, to see if she could spark their interest. She’d been too young the last time they’d all been together, but now…

Max moved away before she could act and she feared perhaps she’d revealed too much.

Shaw winked at her and she licked her lips, her gaze going to Shaw’s mouth. What would he do if she closed the distance between them and kissed him?

Wild Keri wouldn’t question, she would do.

She took a step toward Shaw, but Max halted her with his words. “Well, I guess we should be going.”

She blinked, trying to put the brakes on her libido. It was hard for her to let go of the idea that she really wanted to kiss them. Both of them. God, she was taking this spontaneous shit to a dangerous level.

Neither man had indicated they were interested in anything more than renewing their old friendship and here she was contemplating seducing both of them. Two men. How the hell did she intend to accomplish that?

“Okay,” she said, wincing slightly at the too-loud tone of her voice.

She turned around quickly and walked toward their Ford, careful to stay ahead of them so they couldn’t see her blush. Her cheeks were on fire, from unrequited desire and humiliation.

Practical Keri taunted her.

I would never have gotten into such a state.

She closed her eyes and told practical Keri to shut up.

When they reached the truck, Shaw stepped next to her, bending down to give her a hug. She’d noticed his incredible hulking size when they were dancing. When he wrapped his arms around her, she felt as if she could disappear inside his muscular mass. It felt good.

“Welcome home, Keri,” he murmured against the top of her head.

She accepted the embrace as a friendly gesture, taking care not to let her horny thoughts run away with her again. However, when she tried to pull back, Shaw’s grip tightened. He lifted her face with a hand under her chin. When she looked up, he was there. His lips lightly grazed hers, just a gentle brush, a quiet promise of more to come.

When Shaw pulled away, she frowned, but his wolfish grin answered her unspoken question. Obviously he’d recognized her desire to kiss him. She didn’t have time to speak before Max grasped her waist and turned her toward him.

His eyes were dark with desire and her mouth went dry. “We’ll pick you up around eight on Friday.”

She started to nod, but Max’s lips were on hers before she could move. Unlike Shaw, Max didn’t leave any question in her mind. Her interest was returned. Ten-fold. He pushed her lips apart, his tongue teasing hers. She started to lift her arms to wrap them around his neck, but he moved away before she could return the kiss properly.

Her mind and body were on system overload. She’d been home less than four hours and already she was standing in front of her uncle’s house being kissed by not one, but two of the hottest cowboys in the state. Yee haw for new beginnings.

Shaw broke the silence. “Guess you better be careful what you wish for.”

She looked at him. “What do you mean?”

“If you’re looking to go wild, you came to the right place.”

Max chuckled and ran a knuckle along her cheek. “See you Friday night, sunshine.”

She watched them drive away, standing in the front yard long after their taillights disappeared from view.

Apparently, she’d opened a can of worms. She grinned.

Thank God.

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    I loved Rekindled and Spitfire. Great excerpt. Can’t wait for it and good luck………..

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