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This week’s theme involves the dark moment. Any fiction story worth it’s salt will have that one moment where everything looks hopeless, dire. Typically, it’s the turning point, the spot where the protagonist has to pick him or herself up by the bootstraps and move on or simply give up. Hopefully, they don’t give up!

Today’s snippets is from my latest release, Any Given Sunday. This story was fraught with dark moments as the three main characters try to come to terms with their feelings for each other. This is no simple menage.  Thought I’d share a racier snippet today, so I’m putting a rating of NC-17 on this!


“When did life get so complicated?”

He grinned. “There’s nothing complicated about this. You just have to give yourself to me, Lauren. Submit to me.”

He backed his words up with a kiss and she let herself be swept away. For several moments, she simply let her lips say all the things she couldn’t find the words to express. She did want him. She did want this. Problem was…she wanted so much more.

The tenor of the touches changed. Sean’s lips firmed and he pressed harder. His tongue no longer seemed to stroke her mouth as much as it came in and conquered. Always a gentle lover, Sean took her by surprise with his rough kiss.

He pushed her down on the bed, coming over her, never breaking the union of their lips. He reached up with his hands, tangling them in her ponytail, tugging at her hair. Her body flew into overdrive with his forceful grasp. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his hips as he began to drive his jeans-covered cock against her pussy. Desperation seemed to lace Sean’s movement. Lauren wondered what prompted it.

He continued to lay siege to her lips and though she tried to break away, tried to put some distance between them in an effort to find air, he held her immobile, hostage to his whims.

“Sean,” she whispered, but he swallowed her words, kissing her harder, driving his tongue into her mouth.

Her mind fought him, tried to force this stranger away, but her body was held in his thrall. She tightened her legs as he thrust against her faster. He was driving her arousal higher with each touch, each unspoken demand.

She tried one last-ditch attempt at feeble resistance. Dragging her nails along his back, she scratched him. Hard. She grinned when she heard his hiss of pain. She’d scored a point.

She was surprised when he released her hair and reached for her hands. Grasping them tightly by the wrists, he pulled them above her head, holding them against the mattress.

“Trust me,” he said against her lips, his words deep, powerful. He didn’t give her a chance to respond. He merely punctuated his command with another hard kiss.

She tried once more to free her lips from his. She needed to breathe, needed space between them so she could think. He was driving her arousal higher with each touch until she found it impossible to form a coherent thought. He adjusted his grip, holding both her hands with one of his while the other took control of her head. His implacable clasp told her he could easily possess her.

She continued to fight, to struggle—though the effort was halfhearted at best. The combined feeling of his cock against her needy center, his fingers in her hair, his lips and mouth consuming her as he held her immobile against the bed, was working some sort of magic on her.

His tongue swept along her lower lip before diving into her mouth again. Suddenly the fight went out of her. She brushed her tongue against his, letting her arms lay slack in his grip.

She understood. She knew now where it was Sean wanted to take her and for the briefest of moments, submitting to him sounded heavenly. She was tired of fighting him, fighting her attraction to Chad, fighting this incredible feeling. To hell with the consequences. She knew wherever Sean led, she’d follow willingly.

The hand holding her ponytail loosened and Sean pulled away only an inch, his gaze capturing hers.

He gave her a victorious grin. “You’re mine, Lauren.”

She tried to assimilate his words while the riotous emotions rocketed through her body. One word kept pounding in her brain, taking up the same rhythm as the blood coursing through her veins.

Submit. Submit. Submit.

Isn’t that what she’d just done? Put herself in Sean’s hands? Given him control of her body? Yes. She had. She thought she’d be more uncomfortable with the realization, but her mind and body seemed to agree on only one thing. She wanted to give him everything she had to offer, but she needed more.

Sean pulled her T-shirt over her head, bending down to take her pebbled nipple between his lips. He sucked hard, the rough suction sending impulses along every part of her body. She pushed her hips against his, needing more stimulation, more sensation. Her body was on fire, held hostage by his mastery.

As he stripped her pants off, she reached to shed his clothing as well.

“Put your hands back on the bed.” His voice was deep, firm.

“I want to see you.”

Sean paused. That charged moment was all she needed. His face told her he would have his way on this and she put her hands back on the pillow by her head.

“I know what you need, Lauren,” he said. “Now let me give it to you.”

His lips returned to hers and his kiss washed away every other thought. All she needed was relief.

Then, the image of Chad’s face flashed in her mind.

“God,” she groaned when he pulled away to suck on her breast once more. Her mind was running in a million different directions, her emotions on system overload. Sean moved farther away, knelt between her open legs. His gaze drifted from her pussy, slowly up her body until it landed on her face.

Then he reached forward and pressed a finger inside her. She groaned. She’d been waiting for that touch but it still wasn’t enough.

“You need more,” he said, his eyes holding hers captive.

She nodded.

“Tell me what,” he prompted.

“Another finger,” she whispered.

He complied, adding a second finger to the first, the thrusts still shallow, still not creating the incredible friction she’d grown accustomed to.

“You need more,” he repeated. “Tell me.”

“Harder,” she begged. “Faster.”

Again he took her at his words, driving her to the peak of her climax quickly. Even as her body flushed with heat and need, it wasn’t enough.

“Tell me,” he said once more. “I’ll give you everything you need, Lauren. Everything.”

“You.” She reached for him but he was too far away. His eyes narrowed and she remembered she wasn’t supposed to move. She put her hands back on the bed. Pleased by her acquiescence, he quickly opened his pants, bent forward, placed his cock at the entrance to her body and shoved inside in one firm, hard, beautiful thrust. He filled her in an instant, a millisecond, but still…

“What else, Lauren?”

Her eyes had closed when he’d entered her, but now they flew open. “What?”

He smiled, setting a steady rhythm as he fucked her into oblivion. Even as he moved, she knew he waited for an answer.

Her body was flying on autopilot, heading toward the orgasm it desired, and basically it didn’t give a shit about the fact he wanted to talk.

“God,” she cried, when he hit that one spot, deep inside. Lights flashed behind her eyelids. She reached up, gripped the tops of his strong arms, searching for something to anchor her to this spot, this moment.

“Tell me.” Sean paused just seconds before her climax. Her body trembled in pain as he withheld what she needed most.

“No!” she yelled, but he didn’t move.

“You want more, Lauren. All you have to do is ask.”

She found it difficult to breathe, the air in the room stifling hot.

As she looked into his beloved face, she saw determined lines around his eyes and mouth and in that instant, she realized.

He knew what was missing.

“Chad,” she whispered.

He smiled and began to thrust harder, faster. Somehow she’d freed them both with her confession. It was out in the open. With her confession made, she felt lighter, freer, alive. Her hips rose to meet Sean’s, the pounding pleasure of his lovemaking driving her straight into the white-hot magic.

She screamed as she came, a cacophony of words flying from her lips, Sean’s name, Chad’s name, words of love and forever.

“Yes,” she heard Sean hiss, and then she felt the hot splashes of his release fill her.

He would give her everything she wanted. Everything.

For several moments they clung to each other and Lauren let herself remain adrift in the blissful aftermath. The real world would return too soon.

Any Given Sunday is available at Ellora’s Cave.

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