Countdown to Christmas story

For the next couple of weeks, the International Heat authors have decided to write a Countdown to Christmas story. Each day one of us will add the next installment.

Then, on December 23, we hand the reins over to you. We’re asking the readers to create The End to our story. On Dec. 30, the IHers will choose the best ending and that reader will win the grand prize. What’s the grand prize? A ton of ebooks from us!

You can find the story here. It started yesterday with Rhian Cahill and today Lexxie Couper adds to the fun.

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  1. By Terri on

    So, far the story is great. I’m really enjoying it but coming up with an ending?! It will be very interesting to see what comes up.

  2. By Phuong on

    Wow, the story is HOT, HOT, HOT so far. I can’t wait for the remaining installments. Reading the ending will be very interesting.

  3. By Sandie on

    Oh My God!!!This is alread a scorcher and it’s hardly started yet. Great job, Rhian!


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