Raising the Stakes!

Well, I don’t mind telling you that I have been waiting for this book’s release for MONTHS! Jess Dee is about to rock the Samhain charts again with this red-hot story. It’s the sequel to her smash, Going All In.

Oh…and check out the dedication. 🙂

With special thanks to Mari Carr. If you hadn’t kicked my butt, I’d never have written this book.

Viv Arend—how did I ever write before I met you? (BTW, Megan is a better woman because of you.)

And then there’s Jennifer Miller… you’re not just my editor, you’re my hero.

Raising the Stakes

Play out the hand her way…or fold?

Three of a Kind, Book 2

After four years, Megan Loxley has given up waiting for her best friend, Desmond Reed, to realize she loves him. It’s time to move on. When Des introduces her to his poker buddy, Alex Truman, the instantaneous sparks that flare between them signal her life is about to change forever.

Des could kick himself. How could he have failed to notice the perfect woman was by his side all this time? Now it’s too damn late. And her innocent prodding about why he’s suddenly so distant is only making his hunger for her worse. Then she gets one step too close—and his self-restraint snaps.

Stunned, bewildered, furious, Meg can’t help but respond to the kisses for which she waited so long. God help her, she loves Des. And Alex, too. Immeasurably. Now what?

It may make her the greediest woman alive, but she’s determined to win the next hand— even if she has to change the game a little. First step: state her wildly sexy proposition in a language both men will understand…and hope they’ll stick around and play by her rules.

Warning: If you’re looking for a cool game of poker, you won’t find it here. This novella is so hot the cards are still smoking. The heroine may be new to the game, but she knows exactly how to play her two kings.

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