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This is as much for me as for y’all. I got a Kindle for my birthday. Love the thing more than words can say. I mean it is seriously one of the greatest inventions since beer, Reese’s Cups, and iTunes. However, like with most new things, there are always questions that pop up.

The main one I hear is why are Ellora’s Cave books SO expensive on Amazon. I’m not going to lie to you–they are WAY expensive. It has something to do with honoring contracts and giving Amazon their HUGE cut. However, did you know you don’t have to buy EC books from Amazon in order to get them on your Kindle? Just pop over to the EC website, and buy the .prc (Mobipocket) version. Plug in your USB and drag the thing on to your Kindle. If you buy the books directly from Ellora’s Cave, you’ll pay nearly a third less what you’d pay on the Amazon site. For example, Sugar and Spice will cost you $7.12 from Amazon, but only $4.45 at EC.

I’m always looking for the best deal and as far as EC books, buying directly from the site is the way to go. Ellora’s Cave has a page on their website dedicated to telling readers which format to buy for each reader. I thought I’d share the link with you.

Okay…I’d like to act like I’m just naturally this smart, but Jayne Rylon explained this to me this morning and showed me the link. Got so excited, I wanted to share!

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  1. By Skip Maslan on

    I’m glad you like your Kindle. I know I’d be lost without mine now. Wasn’t sure I’d like it when I first thought about getting one but now .. LOL! I’m never without it. I really like that I can have my entire library with me at any time. It took me awhile to figure this out as well but I now look on may different sites for the Mobipocket format to get books. EC is one of my favorites but I’ve found most of the other sites have the same formats. I always check EC for new books first before I check Amazon or if I find it on Amazon first I go looking on other sites for better prices. It annoys me that I’ve found e-books on Amazon that cost more than the paperback or hardbound versions. Makes no sense.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. By Terri on

    I always shop around and I’m surprised that more Kindle owners don’t. I need the biggest bang for my buck given how fast Billy and I read.

    Thanks for sharing the news and hopefully converting more to comparision shopping.

  3. By Janette on

    I was just trying to explain formats Yesterday to A friend you know too. She’s trying to decide between a Nook And a Kindle. Tks for this. Amazon makes it harder. But with a Nook also you can get EC. HAppy ThAnksging! I love that Jayne mentioned you in her Latest. Shifting GeArs. J

  4. By Phuong on

    You are correct about buying mobipocket (prc) format and then transferring to Kindle. Besides, you get the new releases right away at EC or any of the publisher’s website instead of waiting for Amazon to finally release it. If anyone has an iPad you can buy the Epub format, download on computer or USB, open iTune and drag file to book folder and “sync” so it appears on your iPad to read. Hope this helps everyone.

  5. By Milinda on

    Amazon gives a 15% discount on most books based on the “MSRP.” If you look at the prices on the EC pages, you’ll find that they provide a MSRP of about twice what they are actually charging. 🙂

    There are lots of places out there to pick up eBooks that can be manually added to your Kindle. Some of them are genre related–Baen Books, a SciFi publisher, has a free library. Baen was actually my introduction to eBooks a long time ago.

  6. By Milinda on

    Oh, and another thing, as my mother would say: I’ve seen Amazon charge for EC’s free reads. 🙁

  7. By Jayne Rylon on

    Look at you spreading the news 🙂 I think it’s smart for people to buy direct from EC with the price difference but the labels can be confusing if you don’t know that Mobipocket is the .prc format. I’ve suffered through reading .pdf on Kindle 2 with tiny font enough times to have figured it out. Hope it helps!

  8. By Yvonne R. on

    Great tip Mari. Any format the is compatible with Mobipocket works on the Kindle. (.prc and .mobi).

    I have a couple of PDFs on my Kindle too and to avoid the really small font, I flip the orientation to read it on its side. It zooms the font and makes it larger. 😉

  9. By Tracey D on

    I have a Sony Reader and have been buying directly from the publishers for a while. Like you stated, Amazon gets such a huge percentage of the sale, the authors are left with so litte.

    Anyway, enjoy your Kindle and have loads of fun!

  10. By regina carlysle on

    First off…happy birthday.A little late with the wishes but they are wished just the same! I have a Nook (love it) and my daughter bought the Kindle about a week ago. She is in desperate LOVE with it. She came home from college for Thanksgiving break last night and let me play with it. I can see why she loves it!

  11. By Dee on

    If i had to buy in pdf, I would send it to amazon to convert it…everyone has a free email or a non-free one…and they will convert pdf’s to .azw for you – the turnaround time is normally like 5-10 minutes (if that)

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