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This week, we’re getting into the spirit of the Halloween holiday. The theme is spoooooooooky snippets. And so…without further ado…I give you my attempt at scary. 🙂

From my first romantic suspense novel, Retreat:

“I knew the two of you would be out looking for evidence and I wanted to help.”

Jon scowled at her. “Of all the dangerous, stupid things to do! Do you know how lucky you were it was Night that spotted you and not one of the guards?” Jon’s voice was no more than a whisper, yet she felt as though he was screaming at her.

“None of the guards seem to be at their posts. That’s one of the things I wanted to tell you.”

“We know that,” Night reassured her. “We slipped a little something into their drinks at dinner. I figure we managed to drug the drinks of at least ten of those bastards. The ones who aren’t passed out are puking their guts up in the bathrooms.”

“Oh.” She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God. I was afraid they were setting a trap or something. Of course you realize that still leaves about ten more of the assholes roaming around.”

“Which is all the more reason why you should have stayed in your damn room.” Jon was clearly still exasperated with her.

“I needed to talk to you. Find out how things went with your mother. See what the plan was.”

Now it seemed to be Night’s turn to chastise her. “The plan is the same as it was three days ago, Carly. We’re trying to earn her trust and buy time while we search for evidence. That’s what we were trying to do tonight, but now we’ll have to find a way to smuggle you back to your room without getting caught.”

She felt guilty about the danger she’d brought to them and their scheme. “I’m sorry! I really am, but I’ve been so worried about you. All I could think about was making sure you were okay.”

“You saw us earlier in Cassandra’s office.”

“I know but, well, I didn’t exactly get those kisses in Cassandra’s office, did I?” she answered with an impish grin, hoping to dispel their annoyance. “Besides, I needed to tell you something and I couldn’t figure out how to get a message to you.”

“What?” Jon asked.

“It’s Trisha. She and her mother aren’t here anymore. One of the women said they went back home, but I’m afraid that may not be true. Where do you think they could be?”

Jon was clearly dismayed by her information and she heard Night mutter a curse behind her before voicing his suspicions. “There’s a dungeon on the compound.”

She nodded. “I remember Reilly mentioning that.”

“Chances are good Cassandra’s already taken some of her victims there for training. She certainly insinuated that earlier when we were in her office,” Night explained. “That’s actually where we were headed. If Cassie’s locked those women up and begun the training, it’s all the proof we’ll need. We’re familiar with the layout, so we’ve got a plan for smuggling them out. Problem is, we need to wait until you’ve been taken there as well.”

“We’ve convinced my mother to wait a couple days before moving you to the dungeon for your punishment, so you may have to hang in there a bit longer. You simply have to trust us when we say we have things under control. By the way, she was pissed as hell over your threats.” Jon seemed to calm down with his praise. “You were brilliant in there, Blue Eyes.”

“So is it what we feared?” She could tell by the look in Jon’s eyes that it was, but she needed the confirmation.

It was Night who answered. “It’s worse than we feared.”

“Worse how?”

“Yes, Night, tell her how it’s worse.” The door banged open against the wall and the room flooded with light. Carly was horrified as a barrage of guards entered the room and completely surrounded them in less than a minute, each of the bruising brutes armed to the teeth. 

Retreat is available in ebook and print format at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony and All Romance Ebooks.

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  1. By L. Johnson on

    Loved this week’s snippet. I bought Shifting Gears last night. I will probably read it tonight.

  2. By Zina on

    Why did you stop it there…oh yes, it’s meant as a way to get us to go crazy until we buy or reread the book.

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