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This week’s snippet theme is salutes the unspoken heroes of our stories–the secondary characters. Without secondary characters, most stories would flounder and flop. Our heroines need best friends or sisters to confide their new love to. Our heroes need villains to fight or buddies to hang out with. Today, I’m saluting my favorite secondary character of all time. He’s played a fairly significant role in six of my books and in the book I’m currently writing. His name is Patrick, but his kids just call him Pop and he’s the patriarch of my crazy Wild Irish Collins clan. I thought I’d share a snippet of Pop in Friday I’m in Love.


A gleaming silver fish floundered in the net as Moose lifted him into the boat.

“Well, will you look at that,” Pat said. “That’s not a bad effort for your first time fishing.”

“Not a bad effort?” she repeated. “That fish is huge!”

Pat and Moose laughed while they worked together to pull the hook out of the fish’s mouth.

“Fish tales,” Moose muttered, but she wasn’t dissuaded from her opinion. He was just jealous, she thought with a delighted grin.

Moose held the wriggling fish out to her and curiosity drove her toward it. She took a deep breath and reached out to touch it.

“You’ll have to do better than that. It’s your fish. You have to kiss it.”

She narrowed her eyes at the older man. “I’m not kissing that fish.”

“Rules of the boat,” Pat interjected. “You wouldn’t want to offend your captain. It’s a tradition—we always kiss our fish. You better be quick though, that poor guy can’t stay out of the water much longer.”

“You’re throwing him back?” she asked, struggling to understand the purpose of fishing if you didn’t keep what you caught.

“This is a catch-and-release trip,” Moose replied. “Now pucker up and give this poor little guy some love. Bound to be traumatized after having that hook in his mouth.”

She bent forward, amazed by the realization she was actually going to kiss a fish. She placed a peck on the scaly, cold thing as Pat and Moose howled with laughter.

Moose released the fish back into the lake and Natalie had an anxious moment as she wondered if she’d killed the poor thing. Her fear was short-lived as the fish quickly swam away.

She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand, narrowing her eyes at the two older men who were still chuckling. Realization dawned hard. “You never kiss the fish, do you?”

Moose tried to look remorseful but his attempt was spoiled by the shit-eating grin plastered on his face. “I didn’t think you’d really do it.”

She gave Ewan a dirty look when she caught him chuckling as well. “Don’t look at me. It’s every man for himself on the boat.”

“So I keep hearing,” she said. “Well, that’s okay boys. Laugh it up. Because if I’m not mistaking, I’m the only one on this boat who’s caught a fish to kiss.”

Pat sobered up quickly. “Hey, now. That hurts.”

She grinned as she reclaimed her rod, deftly baiting her hook and casting it with confidence. “Yep, looks like I’m kicking ass in the fishing game.”

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