Reviews – Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday is book two in my Wild Irish series and I had a lot of fun writing this book. I’m a huge fan of music–all types and it was fun to incorporate some of my favorite songs into the story. Thought I’d share some reviews with you.

From Romance Readers Connection:

“It brings the best in character development and hot passion into a well-paced story that takes the reader into Teagan’s innocence and Sky’s weariness with the rock star life.  These are genuinely nice people and it was great fun to have Teagan’s story after meeting her in the first book in the series.” – Jeri

From Two Lips Reviews.

“Ruby Tuesday is a cute story with a bit of suspense thrown in.  It was a quick read with likeable characters and an easily visualized setting.  The suspense towards the end of the book is a nice addition to the plot.  The main characters were fun and funny and there was humor throughout the story.” – Emma

From Joyfully Reviewed.

“Sky and Teagan are a complex couple of tenderness and heat. Both come to realize many things about themselves and how they compliment each other. In the face of danger everything becomes clear and the ending is one you cannot miss.”  Joyfully Recommended! – Gianna

From Dark Diva Reviews.

“I really couldn’t put down the story, and then you add in a bit of suspense and danger and it made for one late night, let me tell you. Their story alone would have had me reading until the end, but the added elements of intrigue and suspense had me demanding to know what would happen next.” 5 Delightful Divas! – Jae

From Night Owl Reviews.

“The reader gets to know the other siblings better and I can’t wait to get the other siblings stories. I love how this family pulls together, the way they love and support each other.” Top Pick! – TiggerJ

From The Romance Studio.

“Mari Carr has done a wonderful job with Teagan and Sky. The ending is enjoyable and definitely satisfying. I am very much looking forward to the next story in the series.” – Karin

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