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Last week’s theme was Screw You and it dealt with break-ups. I promised you we’d turn things around this week and boy, do we! This week’s theme is Screw me! and if you follow the blogs you will be treated to some red-hot make-up scenes. Have to confess – it was tough picking a scene for this week. I honestly try to put super hot sex in all my books–hee hee.

Decided to pick an excerpt from one of my older books. Retreat was my fourth published book and one of the first stories I ever wrote from beginning to end. I love the characters–especially my tortured heroes, so I’ll give you something from that.

Jon stood slowly. “Stand up, Carly.”

Night watched with amazement as she complied. Jesus, Jon had been holding back the truth from him. He wasn’t a closet Dom where his chestnut-tressed love was concerned. He’d clearly exposed his true nature to her and the undeniable submissiveness she displayed blew Night away.

Jon ran the back of his hand down her cheek. “I nearly lost you today.” The words seemed to be forced from the depths of Jon’s soul. She reached out to touch Jon, but he grabbed her wrists. Looking over his shoulder, Jon motioned for him to join them. He knew instinctively what Jon wanted. Walking toward the couple, he placed himself directly behind Carly. He took her hands from Jon and lightly clasped them behind her back.

“Link your fingers,” Night whispered in her ear. She obeyed and he slowly dragged his hands up her arms, reaching around in front of her until he loosely clasped her with one arm around her shoulders and another fully around her waist. Night tightened his arms slightly, pulling her more firmly against his chest in a bear hug. Her hands accidentally brushed against his rock-hard erection and he sucked in a deep breath at the sensation.

Carly stiffened only a moment in his embrace before relaxing and sighing softly.

Looking over her shoulder, Night could see realization dawning on Jon’s face. She was no shrinking violet.

She was willing to take them both on.

Confusion crossed his friend’s face for a brief second and Night found himself grinning widely. After all these years, could Carly be the one woman who would complete them? Save them? Jon saw his grin and returned it.

“Jon,” she whispered and Night knew she was waiting for his explanation. Or was she waiting for his permission? Her fingers rubbed against his cock again and he knew this time it wasn’t an accident.

“I warned you, Carly. I want everything from you. Everything.” Jon’s gaze traveled over her shoulder and met his. “He’s my best friend. Everything that’s mine is his.”

She trembled in his arms and Night tightened his hold again. The three of them stood frozen for several moments until Night heard the one small word he knew would change his life forever.


Retreat is available in print and in ebook at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Sony

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  1. By Sandie on

    Great excerpt, Mari. I absolutely adored this fantastic story. It gets one of my Very, Very Highest Recommendations!!!

    I suspect I will be reading this again very soon, after this reminder.


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