Robert Burns penned a poem called To a Mouse and it talks about the “best laid plans of mice and men” and how often they go wrong. I think it’s safe to say that my ‘good intentions’ of returning home from Lora Leigh’s RAW event and writing a blog about it went up in smoke when I turned on my laptop Monday morning and the whole thing crashed. Hard. Now I will confess my laptop was ancient. Super old. Valerie Tibbs took one look at it at RAW and said, “Buy yourself a new computer!”

To add insult to injury, I was unable to properly mourn my computer because I was selected for jury duty. I’ve spent HOURS of the last two days listening to a malpractice case.

Well, all is not lost. Today should be the last day of the case and I’ve had an inspiration for a story. Hee hee. AND my hubby, the world’s greatest, went out last night and bought me a new laptop–I’m typing on the shiny, new, wonderful thing right now.

So…here’s your RAW wrap-up. It was great.

LOL–just kidding! I mean it was super, but I think I can squeeze in a few more details than that. I arrived Thursday night around 6:30 after picking up Valerie Tibbs at the airport shortly before noon. Heck of a long drive, but we gabbed the whole way, so it didn’t feel long. We literally pulled into the hotel parking lot right behind Jayne Rylon! The three of us checked into our room and then hit the bar where we met up with one of the most fun group of gals I’ve ever met. Call themselves the RAW Readers and we spent the entire weekend–laughing, dancing, and drinking with them! Lovely ladies!

After that, everything is sort of a blur as the time went by so quickly. I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic readers with whom I’d emailed prior to the event. It was nice to put a face to names I’ve been seeing in my email for quite a while. Met up with Janette, Terri, and Christina. Janette is so sweet, Terri’s hubby is hot!, and Christina was vivacious and beautiful! They made the weekend so wonderful for me.

Lora knows how to throw a party as we danced in our pajamas on Friday night and I was amazed by the beautiful costumes everyone wore to the Raise the Dead ball on Saturday. I won a wine basket in the raffle (how appropriate!) and came home loaded down with autographed books.

Best part…I get to do all of this again in a month as I travel to Ohio for Romanticon. I should just about have recovered from last weekend by then. Oh…and I can’t wait!

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  1. By Maria D. on

    Sounds like you had a blast…can’t believe you won a wine basket 🙂

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