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Today’s snippets revolve around holidays. Having just come off a fabulous summer break (I’m a teacher in real life) and a week at the beach with my family. I can truly appreciate the value of just getting the hell out of town! My snippet today comes from Friday I’m in Love, my latest book from Ellora’s Cave and the fifth story in my Wild Irish series. In the beginning of the story, the heroine is taking a break from her everyday life and getting away from the west coast for a while. Little does she know that love is awaiting her on the opposite side of the country.

Friday I’m in Love.

“You sure you wanna stay here this week? I know you’ve attended Collins celebrations before, but staying with them for an entire week could be tough for you.”

She filled in the blanks on the things her friend was too polite to say out loud. He didn’t think she’d enjoy staying with the Collins family because that would involve her being in close contact with other people for more than a few hours. Sky knew she preferred her solitary existence because her interpersonal skills were more than slightly lacking.

She’d taken a month-long working vacation away from her photography business to hit the road with Sky. He’d invited her to travel around with him to take some behind-the-scenes pictures of him and Teagan as they toured. They’d told everyone it was for a photo-biography she was compiling, but the truth was, Sky wanted to surprise Teagan with a special video as a wedding gift. Natalie had been snapping photos of the couple for three weeks straight, trying to capture some really perfect moments in their lives together. He planned to play the video at their wedding reception.

The word romantic floated through her mind again and she did an internal eye roll.

She’d jumped at Sky’s offer to escape her ho-hum life, thinking travel would lure her out of her doldrums. It had certainly worked in the past. It wasn’t unusual for her to leave the business in Christine’s capable hands while she got away for a bit to try to get her shit together, try to overcome her dark moods. Unfortunately, this time the escape hadn’t worked. She wasn’t any happier now than before she’d hit the road. If anything, she was in a deeper funk.

“I’ll be fine with the Collins family. Besides, Teagan’s going to be working on wedding preparations and we agreed it would be cool to get some pictures of her with her family as they got ready for the big day.”

“Yeah, well. I’m worried about you, Nat. This feels like,” he paused, “last time.”

She grinned and tried to mask the agony his words provoked. She was worried about herself too. She felt so sad, so heavy, so adrift…but these weren’t feelings she wanted to admit. She’d succumbed to the darkness only once before and she was not going back there.

“I’m fine, Sky. Promise. It’s not the same as last time. This will pass.”

“Sky, come on. Let’s give Caitlyn her gift,” Teagan called out to her fiancé.

Natalie waved him off as he rose. “Wouldn’t do to keep Princess Catie waiting,” she teased. It was safe to say no child had ever been more doted on or adored than Caitlyn Wallace, Teagan’s niece. A glance at the food table confirmed this as Natalie shook her head once again at the colorful cupcake castle dominating the table.

“You know, I never told you my birthday wish for you,” Sky said. They’d started the silly tradition back in high school. On their birthdays, each made a wish for the other.

“Still trying to top my wish?” On Sky’s eighteenth birthday, she’d wished for him to become the most famous musician in the world. She claimed the wish had worked. God knew he was certainly on his way toward reaching that level of stardom.

“I wished for you to fall in love and live happily ever after.”

“You didn’t,” she hissed. She’d always forbidden that wish in the past, claiming she didn’t need or want a man to interfere with her life or career.

“I did,” Sky replied, kissing her on the cheek. “Happy belated birthday, Nat.”

Friday I’m in Love is available at Ellora’s Cave.

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    Sky is an incredible friend to Nat and even though it’s not a gift she thinks she wants- it’s definitely what she needs. Great snippet.

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