Reviews – Spitfire

Well, I’m almost falling down on the job here. Today is review day and yep…I’m late. Sorry. I’ve started back to work and the in-laws have returned home (sob) after a month-long visit. Tonight, I’m playing catch up. SO…without further ado…I give you the Spitfire reviews.

From ecatoromance.

“Mari Carr has written a titillating story of sexual desire.” 4.5 stars. -Emily

From The Romance Studio.

Liv and Rem are perfect for each other and the interaction and dialogue between them will be remembered with a smile for a long time…It’s what I call a ‘Happy Book’. Five hearts. – Abi

From Night Owl Romance.

Hot and steamy, with a touch of BDSM, the story was mostly about them finding a balance in their relationship. – Chris

From Romance Junkies.

I got a huge kick out of Mari Carr’s SPITFIRE.  Liv is such a force to be reckoned with that you just never know what she’s going to do and since Rem hasn’t seen her in so long he’s completely stunned by the changes in her. – Chrissy Dionne 

From Fallen Angel Reviews.

Mari Carr’s Spitfire is a wonderful contemporary western erotic romance that I really enjoyed. Five Angels! – Kara

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