Friday I’m in Love Contest!

Woot! Friday I’m in Love, book five in the Wild Irish series, releases at Ellora’s Cave TODAY!

To celebrate, I’m holding a little weekend contest. The rules are simple. Just tell me what your favorite day of the week is and why and you are entered! I will draw a winner on Sunday evening (7 p.m. EST) and announce it here. Winner will receive their choice of book within the Wild Irish series.


Friday’s child is loving and giving…

Ewan Collins has had the hots for Natalie for years but she continually rebuffs him, supposedly because of their age difference. When Natalie comes to stay with the Collins family for a week, Ewan decides it’s time to make his move in a serious way.

Natalie’s been in a funk since celebrating another birthday alone. When Ewan proposes to help her “get a life”—seven lessons in seven days—she figures what the hell does she have to lose? Ewan’s plans include tequila shots, fishing, karaoke…and other, more erotic hands-on demonstrations.

But loneliness isn’t Ewan’s only obstacle. Tragedy in her past continually takes Natalie to a dark place her mind can’t easily overcome. With support, tenderness and love, Ewan plans to win over Natalie one lesson at a time.

Starting with lessons of the heart.


“Why are you tired?”

She closed her eyes and prayed for patience. This was how conversations with Ewan went. He asked a question, she answered, and then he asked more.

“I was reading a really sexy book last night and spent half the night masturbating with my vibrator. All those amazing orgasms can really take it out of you, you know?” She hoped her smartass comment would embarrass him, shut him up.

She should have known better.

“Shit, Nat. I wish you would have waited. I’m going to be downstairs from you tonight. I can fuck you a helluva lot better than a lousy piece of plastic.”

She’d been given Tristan’s old room on the third floor to sleep in while she was staying with the family, but sleep didn’t seem to be something she was going to be doing much of, especially not after the sexy seed Ewan had just planted.

“In your dreams, kiddo. I don’t play with children,” she said, although she wasn’t all that concerned that he was younger.

For one thing, he didn’t act young, but she supposed that was because he’d been responsible—along with his sister, Keira—for running the restaurant side of his family’s business since graduating from college. Teagan raved about his management abilities and smooth administration. The fun, sexually explicit banter he engaged in with Natalie seemed to be the exception, rather than the norm, and she got the feeling the rest of his family saw him as serious, responsible, staid.

“Thought you weren’t gonna play the age card again?”

“Old habits die hard.”

“You’re quiet today, distant. Why do I get the feeling it’s more than fatigue?”

“I would think you’d be glad I’m quiet. I mean, it’s not as if there’s ever been any love lost between us. You and I are like—”

He looked so genuinely shocked she stopped midsentence, the words oil and water dying on her tongue.

“No love lost? I’m crazy about you, Nat. You must know that?”

She laughed. “You really are going to have to give up this schoolboy crush. I’ve been nothing but a bitch to you since day one.”

He grasped her hand and she looked at him in surprise. “I haven’t been a boy in a long time, babydoll. And I’m more than man enough to deal with you and your so-called bitchiness.”

She wished her body hadn’t heard those words. The second he uttered more than man enough, her nipples went on red alert and she was a bit worried about the sudden dampness in her panties. She tried to tug her hand out of his grip, but he refused to relinquish it. “Listen, hotshot—”

“Save it, Nat. Why are you depressed?”

She panicked at his words. “I’m not depressed. I don’t get depressed. Ever.” Her words came out far too loud and she watched him study her face intently. She bit her lower lip, realizing Ewan Collins was far too observant when it came to her. He was also cutting too close to the core. Honesty seemed her best bet. “I’m thirty-four years old and I have fuck-all to show for my life.”

Ewan frowned. “That’s not true. You own and operate an incredibly successful photography studio in Palm Springs. You’re one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever met. Your pictures are beautiful.”

She was taken aback by his praise, surprised he’d seen enough of her work to judge. “How do you know that?”

“I check out your website on occasion, plus Teagan is always emailing us pictures you’ve taken of her and Sky. You have an amazing eye.”

“Yeah, that’s me. The queen of composition, lighting, shading. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent my entire life behind the lens of a camera.”

Ewan lightly caressed the skin on the back of her neck and she marveled at how comforting the simple gesture was. “You sound like you’re questioning your career choice.”

“Do I?” she asked. “That’s not my intention. I love my job. But sometimes I feel like that’s all there is to me. I’m defined by a freaking camera.”

“That’s not true. I know Sky and Teagan consider you their friend, not their photographer.”

“I know that. It’s just…” She paused, trying to find a way to express the dark thoughts that had been plaguing her since her birthday. “It’s just…I’m never in any of the pictures.”

His eyebrows creased and she knew he was confused by her comment. She tried to clarify. “I’m not really sure what I have to show for my life. Hell, I’m not sure I’ve lived a life. I stand on the sidelines of every event, snapping picture after picture of other people living, celebrating, doing something. God, doing anything.” Her voice betrayed her frustration and she took a breath, tried to calm down when she noticed Tris Collins glance up at her from the bar.

Ewan rubbed her hand, his other arm still draped around her, and she felt wholly surrounded by his presence. “What did you hope to have achieved by now that you haven’t?”

His question caught her off-guard. She’d spent months commiserating over her lost youth, never once thinking about what it was she was grieving. And with one simple question, Ewan had thrown her for a loop…again. “Well, I don’t know exactly. I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries. I’ve seen thousands of people celebrating events with loved ones. I’ve never done anything worth celebrating and even if I did, I wouldn’t have anybody to commemorate it with. I know this may come as a surprise to you, but I don’t generally have one of those personalities people flock to.”

“Prickly?” he asked, though she knew his comment wasn’t a question.

“No, not prickly. Strong-willed, self-assured, independent.” She struggled to find those three words.

“Opinionated, arrogant, bitchy. Got it.”

She opened her mouth to lambaste him and then closed it again. He was right. There was no debating the truth.

“Damn,” he muttered. “You are down and out. No snappy comeback, Nat?”

She shook her head.

“I sort of got the impression you were happy on your own. You always say people are an annoyance you don’t have time for.”

She looked around the room briefly, wondering how she always got into these conversations with Ewan. He always made her say too much, tell too many secrets she never intended to reveal. “That’s true. I guess maybe sometimes I think it might be nice to have a friend. Someone normal and not obnoxious. Someone who doesn’t get their feelings easily hurt when I tell them they suck.”

He laughed and she realized her requirements for a friend did sound pretty pathetic. “Isn’t that Sky?” he asked.

“It was—I mean, is. It’s just, he’s got Teagan now and, well…things are different.”

Ewan smiled and she felt a flash of anger spark. Here she was unloading all her misery, confessing things she’d never told another living soul, and he was giving her that stupid, annoying, lopsided grin.

She scowled. “Glad you find this all so funny. Get away from my table.”

He moved closer and she fought to hold on to her annoyance. God, men as handsome as Ewan Collins should be illegal.

“I’m not laughing at you, babydoll. I’m just glad your problem is so easily solved.”

She looked at him, confused. She’d spent months feeling sorry for herself, trying to find a way out of her funk, and nothing had presented itself. Even leaving town for a change of scenery, a change of company hadn’t helped.

She studied Ewan’s confident face and realized that if anyone could solve her problem, it was probably him. Why she felt that way, she couldn’t say. There was simply something deep inside her that said trust him.

“Show me the way.” Her request was softly spoken, but Ewan heard it.

“How long are you staying here?” he asked.

“A week.” It was Saturday afternoon and she had a flight booked to return to Palm Springs early in the morning the following Saturday.

Ewan rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Seven days. It’s a little tight, but we can manage.”

“Manage what?”

“I’m going to teach you a lesson a day. Seven lessons you can live by so you never feel this way again. You, Natalie Miller, are about to get a life.”

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  1. By Carol L. on

    First, Congrats on the new release Mari.
    Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week.We’re half way through the week and the weekend is approaching.
    Carol L.

  2. By gigi on

    I like Sundays we get up make big breakfasts, read the paper and kind of veg most of the day.

    Congrats on the new release!


  3. By Afshan N on

    Happy Release Day!!
    Friday I’m in Love sounds great!!
    My favorite day is Sunday…. It’s just a lazy day in my house!

  4. By Desiree on

    Sundays are my favorite. I make a big breakfast for kids and husband and just stay in PJs all day and read while my husband watches sports and the kids play.

    Congrats on the new release cant wait to read it.
    deslauree3 aol dot com

  5. By Shannon L. Arrant on

    Believe it or not, Mondays are my favorite day of the week. The kids are in school but my husband has the day off, letting us spend some time alone together.

  6. By Liz Cranage on

    Happy Release Day
    My favorite Dday of the week is Sunday. It’s the 1 day my 2 older daughters are off work, so we get a chance to see each other. I’ve even gone down to St Louis to spend the night and we had a blast. It’s also the day we do our celebrations.

  7. By Cathy M on

    Happy Release Day Mari!! During my working years, my favorite day of the week was Wednesday. It always felt like the worst was over and those last two days of work always went by much faster. Once I retired, my favorite day was Saturdays. The day started off with a big breakfast, then it was off to watch my kidlets in their soccer and baseball games. Totally wild and crazy, but full of lots of fun memories, too.

  8. By Miranda on

    Thursdays are my favorite because my husband and I go over to my parents house for dinner and I don’t have to wash dishes! 😀

  9. By jennifer mathis on

    congrats on the release . I think tuesdays will be my favorite. The heathens are at school so its good and quiet and I can sit and read some new releases

  10. By Pam Hager on

    I like Sundays in the summertime. My family & i love sports & we always watch the Cubs game together. It’s a family day with lots of do nothing but waht you want time.

    I entered the contest because i love reading.

  11. By Deanna on

    I love Saturday because that has become our beach day. What’s more relaxing than snorkeling and then laying on the beach reading while your family plays in the sand and surf?

  12. By Diana Pfender on

    I love Monday! It’s the start of the week and fresh new idea are popping in my head just ready to be explored. Am I goofy or what?! (Don’t answer!)

  13. By Sandie on

    I love the sound of your “Friday, I’m in Love”. I’ve already checked it at E.C. and am “hooked”! Congrats on this great sounding release, Mari.

    Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I’m looking forward to all the things I can do with the weekend, like reading in peace and quiet. LOL By Sunday I’m trying to cram chores into my last day off and still trying to finish reading a book or two. And weekdays are always way too busy.


  14. By Cheryl S on

    I love Saturdays. I get to sleep in after a hard week and enjoy the time with my husband and pets. We sometimes go to a movie or just do whatever sounds fun!

  15. By Beth C. on

    Congrats on the newest book in the series. Only two more now.
    Can’t wait to read this one.

    I’ve never really thought about a favorite day of the week before. If I had to choose I’d say Monday. That’s usually the start of my ‘weekend’ since I live in a tourist area and our best business time is on the weekends. I also do crafts shows that are on weekends.

  16. By T. on

    Working 3 jobs doesn’t allow much time to stop and smell the roses. Sunday is my only day off so I am calling that my favorite day, especially if I get to grab a cup of coffee, a book, and sit on my back patio with all of my flowers. Also, football season has started which makes me love Sunday even more!

    Hope you’re enjoying vacation!

    Hugs, T.

  17. By Drea Becraft on

    Oh I can’t wait to read it. I loved the other ones!!!

    I would have to say the best day of the week is Saturday! I love that hubby is home and i can run and go out with my friends and stuff. And its also less phone traffic and during this month its fair day and its great.

    Hope you are loving the beach!


  18. By Fedora on

    Happy release, Mari!! My favorite day of the week is probably Friday–it’s the end of the crazy busy school/work week, and the start of the weekend 🙂 The other days are OK, too, but it’s nice to be anticipating the relative freedom of the weekend to come! Congrats on Friday!! Can’t wait to read this one, too!

  19. By Lisa on

    Friday I’m in Love is WONDERFUL!!!

    Friday is my favorite day. It’s the only day that I don’t have meetings after work. I have a nice dinner, read and relax. It’s my “me” time.

  20. By Lindsey Ekland on

    Looking forward to reading this book. Saturdays are a good of the week for the garage sales.

  21. By Yvonne R. on

    Congrats on the new release Mari!! My favorite day is Saturday because I usually sleep in and catch up on errands. 🙂 Don’t enter me in the contest though since I have already gotten my copy.

  22. By candice v. on

    For me, its Monday’s kids are in school and can breath. No one is asking where this or that. It’s my time.

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