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No Recourse is a very different sort of book for me. While I primarily write erotic romance, my first genre love was historical romances. When I started writing, what I wrote was the June Girls series, two books that explore what would happen if a very modern woman of today were swept back to Regency England. I loved writing them and I hope to go back to expand the series one day in the future.

From Two Lips Reviews:

“Hayley and Jack have pasts in which they have suffered abuse and that shaped their determined personalities and their fears. And the villains are truly despicable. The book functions as a historical love story and as a psychological drama at the same time.” – Sasha

And this book received my highest rating ever from Mrs. Giggles and what amounts to pretty high praise from her. LOL

“I hadn’t been impressed by this author’s short stories that I have read, but I have to say that she has me convinced that she can come up with something worth my time here. I’d keep an eye out for the next book. Rating: 79” – Mrs. Giggles

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  1. By Valerie Tibbs on

    I don’t normally read historicals, but I loved yours. They were well written and fast paced.

    If you ever wrote another historical, you would be the only author I’d buy.



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