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It’s Thursday and that means some more reviews. Mercifully the critics were kind to Sugar and Spice. Just like a mother, I know authors shouldn’t have favorites, but I have to admit this is one of the books I’ve written that I’m most proud of. Don’t know why really. It’s just a short, silly story, but I was totally in love with Ryan, the hero and I loved the friendship between these characters. Sometimes I re-read it when I need a pick-me-up. OH–and I thought the cover was hot. 🙂

From Book Wenches:

“If you like a bit of kink and a lot of heat with a little fun thrown in, this is the book for you.” – Teagan

From JERR:

“If you are looking for a spicy read, Sugar and Spice is exactly what the doctor ordered.” – Stefani

From Manic Readers (have to admit the first bit of this one makes me smile every time I see it–she called me brilliant–hee hee):

“Mari Carr is a brilliant writer, with several books to her credit. Sugar and Spice is a wonderful addition to her list, the slightly acerbic wit of the main characters plays well to the sweet plot of recognizing love.” – Valerie

From The Romance Studio:

“Sugar and Spice is a luscious and fast paced adventure that grabs readers from the very first page, blowing them away with unforgettable characters, sexy and dominant seductive thrills, and smoking, red-hot sexual energy followed by a riveting emotional battle for love.” – Shannon

From Joyfully Reviewed:

“For those who like light bondage, D/s, hot sex, and a couple in love, I believe you will just love Mari Carr’s Sugar and Spice.” – Raine

From Fallen Angels Reviews:

“Mari Carr’s story line is well-developed and plausible, making Sugar and Spice a must read! Five Angels” – Lynn

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  1. By Yvonne R. on

    Very nice! I have to admit that Sugar and Spice is one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for friends-to-lovers stories. 😀

  2. By Mai Williams on

    I have the sample on my Kindle, sounds like I need to hurry up and read this gem! Awesome Mari!!

  3. By Terri W. on

    This is one of my favorites, too, and it deserves the great reviews!

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