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If it was difficult to share last week’s reviews because they weren’t exactly nice…well, this week is just as tough. Covert Lessons is a little book I like to refer to as “The One that Fell into the Black Hole.” LOL. I couldn’t buy a review for this book (not that I would!). However, I did get two very nice ones and I thought I’d share them with you.

From Romance Readers Connection:

“Paced well and realistically told, with excellent character development, this novel will delight fans of new author Mari Carr. Her books keep getting better and better!” – Jeri

From Joyfully Reviewed:

“The sexual chemistry between the two characters eventually explodes and it is scorching! I could not put it down.” – Gianna

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  1. By Valerie Tibbs on

    It’s too bad that this book fell into ‘the black hole’. It’s an awesome book. I really enjoyed it. You have all the elements in there – suspense, great chemistry, super hot sex. What’s not to love?



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