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I’ve been playing around with writing down some of my stories for my kids and I have to admit it’s sort of funny to look back and remember things from childhood. My extended family has always been a huge part of my life. My family runs high to girls. Loud girls. My mother is third of six children, five girls, one boy. The next generation managed to follow suit. There are 15 of us cousins in all, 12 girls and three boys.

I figure my uncle is a shoo-in for sainthood after living his entire life with this crew of powerful women. Not only did he endure the formative years with four older sisters and one younger, he married, only to produce two daughters, no sons. Of my grandparent’s six children, four remain within one mile of the farm on which they grew up. As a result, my cousins and I grew up, not only as a family, but as friends.

My parents put in an above ground swimming pool when we were all still in elementary school and most summer Sundays found the whole lot of us—on average, ten cousins, crammed elbow to elbow in the water splashing around and playing Marco Polo or Shark/Minnow. For my cousins and I, play days were spent outside, rather than inside in front of video games. Regardless of weather, we would make up elaborate stories and act them out. We did a terrific stage version of Gone with the Wind on my Grandma’s back porch, complete with a Miss Scarlett and Melly catfight in which the loser ended up being pushed off the porch into a bush. We had lightsaber battles as Star Wars characters, clung to fictitious boats in an attempt to avoid being eaten by Jaws, and wrote parking tickets as Chips officers on bicycles and placed them on all the cars within spitting distance.

Ah, the good old days. LOL. What did you used to play when you were younger?

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  1. By gigi staub on

    It was quieter around house since I was the only child and the only grandchild for 12 years. We had lots of kids in our neighborhood and remember staying out playing tag or hide and go seek until the street lights came on. My Aunt was in college when I was little and she would come home on the weekends with her friends and they would all play games with me.


  2. By Maria D. on

    Don’t really remember the games we played but we did play outdoors alot and run around the neighborhood with the neighbor kids…we used to have “picnics” in the side yard and my mom would make us pickle and tomatoe sandwiches(which I loved even though now I cringe). I remember having alot of fun with my sisters and neighbors

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