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When I said I was going to share reviews, I said that I would show the bad and the good. I will say that the Retreat reviews are going to be tough. If there is one thing that is great about humans, it’s that we are all different. We all have different opinions, different personalities…tiny little things that make every single person on this planet unique. I respect that and as a teacher, I encourage free thought, free expression. 

Why did I say all that? Because I want to make it clear…I’ve learned as much from the bad reviews as I have from the good. I read them and I do try to take to heart what the reviewer has said so that perhaps I can make a few tweaks and adjustments down the line on the next book. I also take into account comments from readers and of course, my editors. A writer cannot be close-minded and they cannot put their fingers in their ears rather than listen to constructive criticism. SO…while some of these reviews aren’t great and some are downright dreadful, I did learn from them and it’s the lessons I thought I’d share as well as the reviews.

From Manic Readers.

“Mari Carr’s Retreat is a literary treat. The levels of intrigue are wrapped in an ever tightening spiral that forces you to keep reading until the very last sentence.” – Valerie

From Romance Readers Connection. I learned to pay attention to pacing!

“This novel is lengthy and spends a lot of time analyzing Jon’s angst and pain at the intersection of his past with his present.  Filled with lots of hotly intimate scenes the reader really gets to know these characters.  A good book that for me, just dragged along a little in the middle. ”  – Jeri

From Wild on Books.

“RETREAT is a remarkable look at good versus evil.  Add in highly erotic love scenes and my ménage loving heart was sated.” – Natalie 

From The Good, The Bad, The Unread. I received two reviews on this book.

Devon gave the book a C- and said “Retreat was plagued by a number of ridiculous plot elements.”

Shannon gave it an F and wrote the one review in my career that cost me a few nights sleep, questioning my ability to write. Unfortunately, this is the first review my father found when he decided to google my pen name. He stopped looking for more reviews after reading it and had my mother call to ask me if I was okay. Jeez. “The plot itself, aside from the BDSM cult aspects, was not only boring but seriously paint-by-numbers. Every plot development might as well have been advertised in blinking neon lights. At one point, I was sending incredulous emails, to a very patient friend of mine, in which I predicted every exciting twist. I was never, ever wrong.”

From The Romance Studio (also from a Shannon–a different one though!). Oh the irony!

Ms. Carr knows how to tap into the readers deepest desires with stunning results! She is a powerful voice and her talent as a storyteller seems to know no bounds! Don’t miss this stunning story!

From Night Owl Reviews.

“The story she has created hooked me right from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down until I read it completely. The plot is a fascinating and the emotional bonds created between the three characters are complex and completely romantic.” – Heather

 From JERR.

“Retreat started off a little slow and didn’t pick up until Night entered the story.” – LT Blue

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  1. By Brandy W on

    It is quite interesting to see what people think. Everyone is definitely different in what they like and dislike. So were the 2 reviews from Shannon on this same book? I’d wonder if she got confused about what she was writing about.

    Overall based on these reviews I would go and take a look at the book. Reviews for me just give me an idea. I still make my own decision and have been known to pick up something others don’t like and then go on to enjoy it.

  2. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    I will admit that until I started writing, I didn’t really notice reviews. Now, however, I find myself paying closer attention to them. Has it affected my buying? Maybe…to some extent. Sometimes I’ll buy a book based on an awesome review, but at other times, I’ll buy one based on a bad review, just to see if I agree.

  3. By Sandie on

    Mari, ignore the idiot!!! I read and absolutely loved your “Retreat”. I gave it 8 Stars on a scale of 1-9 on list of books I’ve read.

    I hope you have more like this coming.


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