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Today I will be featuring reviews on my Samhain book, Tequila Truth. Tequila Truth is the second book in my Black & White Collection, a series of books dealing with wicked fantasies. I think one look at the cover will give you a pretty good idea which fantasy is explored with the tequila!


From Fallen Angels Reviews

A Recommended Read. Tequila Truth delivers everything I love about erotic romance, a love story I want to be part of and sex hotter than any fantasy I could come up with.” – Rachel

From Joyfully Reviewed

Joyfully Recommended. Tequila Truth made me drunk with happiness with none of the nasty hangover blues.  Oh, my God, Mari Carr knows how to write them hot and sexy.” – Jambrea 

The Good, The Bad, The Unread

“Grade A. I really didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this story, but whatever expectations I may have had Ms. Carr far exceeded them and has won over a new fan of her writing.” – Laura J


“For once, Tequila Truth is not causing trouble.  Instead Ms. Carr uses it to create a charming, safe tradition for the three friends.  Ladies…prepare yourselves for two of the yummiest alphas ever!” – TS Peters 

From Romance Junkies

“Blue Ribbon 5! Mari Carr’s TEQUILA TRUTH is a fun and sexy read that is sure to leave readers hot and bothered and maybe even looking at your guy friends a little differently.” – Chrissy Dionne 

From Romance Reviews Today

“The friends-turned-lovers plot is given a bit of a twist in this sexy short story. TEQUILA TRUTH is a book you won’t want to miss.” – Jennifer Bishop

From Erotic Romance Writers

Mari Carr has written one hot, three way love story. Be prepared for some hot luvin with two guys and a girl.” – Suzi 

From The Romance Studio

“As this imaginative plot unfolds the characters spring to life each with charming qualities that will make the readers understand and care about them long after the last page is turned. A true delight to tantalize the senses and one that shouldn’t be missed!” – Shannon 

And, because I promised you the good AND the bad…I give you, Mrs. Giggles!

“Tequila Truth is a very simplistic Threesome For Dummies story. If you are new to the wilder side of erotic romance, this one may be a pretty good place to start.” – Mrs. Giggles, Rating 58

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  1. By Sandie on

    Great reviews Mari, and very well deserved. Tequilla Truth is a book I will read often.


  2. By Mai Williams on

    Yep One of my all time favorites. Read Jess Dee’s book, joined IH, then this book is the first one to catch my attention and I loved it. Great reviews Mari, I agree 100%!

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