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kissmekate_hiresThis week’s theme is apologies. I thought I’d pull up a pivotal scene from one of the very first books I ever wrote. Kiss Me Kate was my first book at Ellora’s Cave and to this day, remains one of my favorite stories.


A deep voice from the doorway and the sound of a gun cocking stopped them both.

“I believe the lady made a request.” Rick’s gun was pointed steadily at Zack’s head. “I suggest you let her go.”

Zack seemed to consider Rick’s words and for a moment, Kate feared in his drunken stupor he wouldn’t stop and Rick would be forced to shoot him. Finally, after several tense moments, Zack dropped her arms. Kate scrambled to grasp the sides of her torn shirt together while trying to pull down her skirt at the same time.

“This is my house and Kate is my guest. You’re a lawyer.” Rick’s voice was laced with menace. “You know the law is on my side. I can shoot you for a trespasser or a thief and get away with it. Get out.”

His words were so soft Kate could barely hear them over the incredible thundering of her heart and her struggles to catch her breath.

Zack, fool that he was, didn’t seem to realize the imminent danger he was in. He looked back at Kate with a smirk. “Just giving my wife what she likes. You should know, McAllister. The bitch goes for the rough stuff.”

Red-hot fury pierced her and she spit in Zack’s face. “I never gave you permission to rape me! I’m getting a restraining order first thing in the morning. Don’t ever look at me again or I’ll save Rick the trouble by shooting you myself.”

Zack wiped his face with his sleeve, an angry snarl curling his lip, but he didn’t say another word. He merely walked to the door.

“You heard the lady.” Rick’s words caused Zack to pause at the doorway. “You come near her or this house again and you’re a dead man.”

Zack stormed out of the house and Kate heard the sound of his car door slamming and the engine turning over before he peeled out of the driveway.

Her legs failed in their struggle to remain upright and Kate slowly slid down the wall at her back as all the strength in her body fled with a whoosh.

“Jesus, Kate.” Rick rushed to her side. The compassion and worry in his voice was her undoing as tears flooded her eyes.

She didn’t recall Rick picking her up and carrying her to the sofa in the living room, but she figured he must have because when the sobs finally subsided, she was tucked on his lap as he rocked her, whispering comforting words in her ear.

“I’m s-sorry,” she stammered. “I never c-cry.”

“Good God, Kate.” His grip on her tightened even more. “I think you’re allowed under the circumstances.”

Kiss Me Kate is available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Sony.

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