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Secondary characters are extremely important to a book. Whether it be the hero’s best friend or the heroine’s sister, extra characters added dimension and depth to the protagonists by showing how they relate to other people. I love creating extra characters and more often than not, I become so attached to them that the secondary characters wind up with their own books! Everything Nice spawned from Sugar and Spice because I instantly saw the spark between Ginny’s sister and Ryan’s two best friends. In Spitfire, I knew almost from the beginning I was going to have to find a good woman to help settle Liv’s brother down. On July 9, Rekindled, Jeb’s story, will release. In my Wild Irish series, the Collins family keeps popping up in every book, so I’ve had a chance to really expand on their characters, to flesh them out and make them more real.

rubytuesday_msrIn Ruby Tuesday, Teagan’s younger sister, Riley really comes to life. Even though her story isn’t told until the 6th book, I’ve known since the inception of the series, I couldn’t wait to write about her. She’s fun, zany, wild and adventurous. She also sees the world in just a slightly different way then the rest of us. I thought I’d share an excerpt of her trying to give her older sister some sex advice in Ruby Tuesday. 


“You should totally sleep with him.”

“What?” Teagan asked.

“I’m serious.” Her sister’s face proved that she was, even though her words were utterly preposterous, even for Riley. “You have the opportunity to have sex with Sky Mitchell. Do not blow this.”

“Have you considered the fact that I might not want to sleep with him? He’s a cocky, arrogant asshole.” Even as she spoke the words, Teagan knew they were false. She suspected he adopted that persona as a means of protecting himself and his flirting was little more than a part he was playing. People expected rock stars to be highly sexed creatures, so Sky gave them their money’s worth. Besides, most of his sexual come-ons had merely been jokes, harmless teasing. She liked the part of him that tried so hard to make her laugh.

“Teagan,” Riley said, placing her hands on her hips. Teagan settled in for the twisted lecture she was sure was about to follow. “You aren’t exactly the most experienced woman in the world when it comes to sex. I mean, do you need two hands to count how many lovers you’ve had?”

Teagan narrowed her eyes, refusing to answer.

Riley continued. “Your silence proves that you don’t. Besides, I’m your sister, I know exactly how many guys you’ve slept with and who they were.” Riley shook her head sympathetically. “You poor girl. It’s a pitiful list, you know.”

She started to refute her sister’s words, but she held on to the secret truth. Her sister believed the lies Teagan had perpetuated and she was happy to let them remain in place.

Fact was, she’d never slept with anyone. She’d long ago accepted the fact that most guys found her a bit quirky, a bit strange. Her outdated fashion style, antiquated taste in music, old-fashioned values and, well, pretty much everything else, set her apart. She wouldn’t sleep with someone who couldn’t accept her as she was and so far, that simply hadn’t happened. Of course, that wasn’t to say she hadn’t fooled around, hence Riley’s confusion.

“You have a chance to gain some real experience in the bedroom. I can’t even begin to imagine what tricks Sky Mitchell must have up his sleeve as a lover. I bet he could fuck curls into that straight red hair of yours. Besides, this is something you can tell your children, your grandchildren.”

“I’m going to tell my grandchildren that I had sex with Sky Mitchell?”

“Think about it, Teag. If Mom had pulled us aside and confessed to fucking Elvis before marrying Pop, you would have been impressed. Admit it.” Riley said the words with such assurance, Teagan couldn’t do anything but laugh. Her sister’s warped vision of the world never failed to amuse her.

“I’ve never really thought of that, but I guess some small part of me might have thought that was cool. Maybe.” Actually, Teagan thought she would have been more impressed to know for sure that her mother had never slept with any man except her father, the love of her life. Sadly, her mother had died when Teagan was sixteen and she had never had a chance to ask her mother the questions that burned in the back of her adult mind. Had her mother waited until after marriage? Had she regretted waiting?

“So you’ll do it?” Riley asked.

“Do what?”

“Seduce Sky,” Riley said impatiently. “Haven’t you been listening?”

“I’ve listened and I’ve heard. I’ll think about it, Riley.”

“Don’t think. Do.”

Ruby Tuesday is available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Sony, and Barnes and Noble.

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