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Today’s theme is one of my favorite aspects of a good romance story–an intimate moment. What could be more romantic than the time when the hero and heroine realize their love is real and true and they give into their attraction. I had a hard time deciding what book to feature for this snippet, but as I thought about it, one scene kept popping into my head. It’s from No Regrets, my Regency historical, available at Liquid Silver. Ben, the hero of the book, is one of my all-time favorite characters. A soldier in the war against Napoleon, he came back a shattered man. Luckily, Vee entered his world. What’s that they say about the love of a good woman?


“Please,” he whispered desolately. “Go.”

Unwilling to leave him alone with his dark thoughts anymore, she simply shook her head.

“Go,” he repeated, his voice cracking under the strain. “You’re in danger. I told you what will happen.”

“No,” she said, squeezing his hand with hers. “You won’t hurt me and I won’t leave you alone. Not again

“Dammit, Vee! Get out! I don’t want you to see me like this!” His fear and distress turned back to the red-hot anger she hadn’t seen in him since the night he kissed her roughly in his office.

“Well, that is a shame because I’m not leaving,” she calmly replied.

Without warning, he rose, quickly lifting her in his arms and carrying her to his bed. He deposited her in the center of the silk counterpane, following her down and covering her with his own large body. “I warned you,” he growled, as his mouth covered hers in a hard kiss.

Shock was quickly replaced by desire as she opened her lips to receive his tongue. She wanted this, wanted him, and this time she wouldn’t run from him. It was her turn to shock him as she nipped at his lips with her teeth. His calloused hands gripped her head harder holding her still for his passionate assault. With dueling tongues, teeth and lips, they devoured each other, starving for more.

“Go,” he whispered.


Impervious to her response, his lips traveled across her cheek, his tongue caressing the delicate shell of her ear, before taking the lobe in his teeth. She moaned with desire as his hands parted her light robe, touching her everywhere through her conservative gown.

He dragged his lips down her neck, continuing downward, licking her breasts through the material. Nipping softly, he pulled on her nipples, making them hard and eliciting an excited gasp from her kiss-swollen lips.

“Leave,” he said as he drew one of the tight nubs into his mouth.

“No,” she answered breathlessly, grabbing his hair to hold him in place, terrified he’d continue and terrified he’d stop.

With shaking hands, he seized the top of her night rail and tore the material down the center to her waist. Spreading the cloth, he studied her full, white breasts, spellbound for almost a full minute before drawing the rosy nipple into his mouth again.

He filled his hands and mouth with her round fullness, playing with her until she felt an unfamiliar, overpowering twinge in her stomach and even lower. She arched into his powerful hands anxious for something more. As if aware of her feelings, his lips trailed lower, grazing her stomach as his hands grasped the ends of her destroyed gown once again. She waited breathlessly, readying herself to be completely bared to his sight.

He froze, looking up and waiting for her eyes to meet his. “This is your last chance. Tell me to stop.”

Gazing into his eyes, she saw all the vulnerability and uncertainty he tried so hard to hide. In her time at Waterplace, he’d become her friend, protector and employer. Tonight as she looked into his beloved face, she wanted him to be her lover as well. She wanted to erase his past, to make him happy, even if only for a short while.

“No,” she whispered once more. She watched his fear turn to relief and she smiled. “Don’t stop,” she said again, stronger this time.

 No Regrets is available at Liquid Silver, Amazon, and Fictionwise.

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  1. By Maria63303 on

    Great snippet! I too love when the hero and heroine realize that their love is real and is there to stay

  2. By Sandie on

    Great snippet, Mari. But it’s a heck of a way to leave us hanging.


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