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Oooooo….today’s snippets are scaaaaaaary! BOO! Today’s scary scene is from one of my first published books at Ellora’s Cave, Covert Lessons.


Covert Lessons

“Your mother is sick,” she said, cursing the weakness of her tone. “I’m going to take her to the hospital.”

Juan spit on the floor, his face distorted with fury. “You ain’t taking her no place, bitch! José, take Mama back to bed.”

She glanced over and silently gave thanks that Mrs. Alvarado had lost consciousness somewhere along the line. She could only imagine how the woman would react to the tension radiating between her two sons.

“Juan,” José began, obviously hoping to change his brother’s mind, but Juan wouldn’t be appeased.

“Take her back to her bed now!” Juan yelled.

José lowered his head in defeat and turned back toward his mother’s room, his precious bundle held tightly against his chest.

“You got no right to come into my home.” Juan circled her much as a tiger circles its wounded prey.

“I didn’t mean to interfere,” she said softly. “I only wanted to help.”

Her words were met with a hard blow to the side of her face. Shocked and in pain, she fought hard to stem the flow of tears suddenly blurring her vision.

Reaching up, she placed her palm against the stinging skin as José came back into the room.

“What are you doing?” José yelled at his brother.

Juan turned on José, his malice-filled face frightening. “What’d you bring her here for?”

“Mama is sick! Ms. Finch says she’ll die if we don’t take her to the hospital, Juan!”

José’s words were met with the same violence she had suffered and she flinched as Juan rammed a hard fist against his younger brother’s jaw.

“I am the man of the house! How many times I gotta tell you this? I know what’s best for Mama!” he yelled as he continued to rain blows on his much smaller brother. José put up a fight but his punches were easily parried, while Juan’s connected time after time. Clearly, the older brother had much more experience in the realm of brawling.

Scared for José’s life, Kelly charged at the bully’s back. Jumping upon it, she hoped to knock Juan off balance enough to pull him away from José.

Juan reacted to her attack with a finesse she didn’t expect. He reared quickly, slamming her back and head against the kitchen wall.

Pain and bright lights flashed before her eyes before she succumbed to darkness.

Covert Lessons is available now at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon and Sony.

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