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I’m a huge fan of music–all kinds of music. I LOVED writing Ruby Tuesday because the hero and heroine are both singer/songwriters with some very different tastes in music. Those differences lead to an argument and then a contest. The challenge? Sing songs with the word ‘ruby’ in them.

rubytuesday_msrRuby Tuesday snippet:

She cleared her throat and sang the chorus of Pop’s favorite Stones song, Ruby Tuesday.

Sky shocked her by following up with one of her favorite songs by Tom Waits. Back and forth they sang, and each time she found herself impressed with the scope and variety of Sky’s song choices. While she performed lyrics by Helen Reddy and Johnny Cash, Sky contributed songs by Ray Charles, The Killers, even Seals and Croft.

As he sang a snippet of Ruby Baby by the Beach Boys, she realized that throughout their competition she’d fallen more and more in love with his voice. He really could sing. They’d shared her guitar, taking turns with it, and she marveled at his ability—hell, his incredible talent—with the instrument. She’d been an ass and she’d been terribly, terribly wrong. Sky was the real deal and she wasn’t looking forward to the humble pie she was going to have to eat at the end of this contest.

Ruby Tuesday is available at Ellora’s Cave.

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