Valentine’s Day Blog Winners

Congratulations to our Valentine blog tour winners! Thank you to everyone who participated! Look for another one coming soon.

Amy S.
Wolf’s Tender by Gem Sivad
TBA Book by Christa Paige
Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee
Virtuous Vampire by Monette Michaels
Sound of a Voice that is Still by PG Forte

Beth C.
Retreat by Alanna Coca
For a Price by Olivia Brynn
Doll by Juniper Bell
Flash of Dark by Sara Brookes
TBA Book by Sandra Sookoo

Carol Luciano
Red Dawn by Annie Nicholas
The Summerland by TL Shaefer
Fireproof by Tina Holland
Cougar by the Tail by J. Hali Steele
Queer Hauntings: True Tales of Gay & Lesbian Ghosts by Ken Summers

Cathy M.
Stallion of Ash and Flame by Savanna Kougar
TBA Book by Nina Pierce
Tastes of Pleasure by Shara Lanel
Surprise Gift from Jeanne Barrack
Seducing Regan by Stephanie Adkins

Gabrielle Lee
The Last Celtic Witch by Lyn Armstrong
The Cain Letters by Pierre Roustan
Promo Pack from Adele Dubois
One Wilde Night (ARC) by Rhonda Leigh
Were Love Blooms by J.Morgan

Jen R.
Frozen by Morgan Q. O’Reilly
Alitus, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen
Dining In by Elise Logan
The Challenge by Serena Shay
Come Monday By Mari Carr

Jennifer Mathis
Hearts Afire: December by Ella Drake, Elise Logan & Emily Ryan-Davis
Satisfy Me by Madison Scott
Rip Cord by Jeanne St. James
Prodigal Slave by Roxy Harte
Close to Perfect by Tina Donahue

This Valentine’s Day, the Wild Irish have set out to find love…


Meg is determined to raise money for the American Heart Association…



Mari’s dancing a jig over her CAPA nominations!


And now…for your Valentine’s treats…




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  1. By jennifer mathis on

    mmm valentine treats congrats on the nomination

  2. By Susan C. on

    Love your books, can’t wait for the rest in your wild irish series. Congratulations on the nomination and good luck! Oh yeah, love the pictures. I don’t remember the guys tubing down the river during my misspent youth looking anything like that 🙂

  3. By Michelle B. on

    Thanks for the continuation of the hunky parade…

    Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

  4. By Camille on

    congrats on the nom! A happy valentines to you too 😉 and I’m loving that cowboy!!

  5. By Beth C. on

    Gotta love a cowboy. Thanks for letting us ogle him.

  6. By Lisa J on

    Congratulations on your nomination. You deserve it.

    Very nice cowboy.

  7. By Cathy M on

    Congrats on the nomination, definitely something to celebrate.

  8. By Maria D. on

    Congrats on your nomination. Love the pics and really looking forward to Mad about Meg!

  9. By Maria D. on

    Congrats on the nomination, loved the pics! Can’t wait to read Mad about Meg!

  10. By Jen R. on

    awesome pics! I’m having fun on this blog tour — excellent blogs!

  11. By Beverly G on

    liked the post the pictures are hot and the video is awesome deff haveto check out these books

  12. By Lindsey Ekland on

    Enjoyed the pictures. Looking forward to the rest of the Wild Irish siblings.

  13. By Roscoe James on

    pssssst. So, like, am I in the right place? The V day blog tour? Got any coffee? Well, an Irish coffee… a little hair of the dog added in.

  14. By Tracey D on

    Nice Valentine’s treats, indeed.

    Tracey D

  15. By Afshan N on

    I think we need this kind of tour more often!!
    I can’t seem to get enough of the hunky treats!
    Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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