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Things that go bump in the night….BOO! Read at your own risk. This week’s snippets are scary!

BecauseofYou-300Because of You snippet:

She’d finished looking at the last disk and reached over to pick up the thumb drive when she was struck by the silence in the house. As she worked, she’d heard Jacob humming in the kitchen, the clattering of dishes, but now there was nothing. She knew Caleb’s brother well enough to know he wouldn’t go to bed without saying goodnight. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and she felt a familiar prickling as the same nagging sense that she was being watched returned.

“Jacob,” she called out, standing and walking to the office door. She felt foolish for the fear that was suddenly coursing through her. For a moment, she was paralyzed, waiting, praying for Jacob’s reply. When it didn’t return, she repeated his name, this time her voice breathless, shaking. “Jacob.”

“I’m afraid your friend has been detained.”

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    Valentine’s with a bit of thrill & suspense for added spice…the adrenaline rush…

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