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Well…we’ve all been there, done that before. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Dumped. We’ve all been dumped.

eroticresearch3004Erotic Research

Before she could maintain her composure and try to explain, Ross turned away from her, his tone suddenly devoid of emotion. “I can see I’ve made a mistake. I clearly thought there was more between us and I’ve asked for more than you are capable of giving. Forgive me. Goodbye, Julia.”

With that, he left the cabin. Julia’s feet felt as if they’d been sunk into concrete. She heard the slamming of his car door and the turning over of the engine, but she couldn’t move a muscle. Small gravel pelted the front door as the car sped away down the mountain and still she stood frozen in place. It felt as if hours had passed before her body gave up its fight to remain upright and she collapsed into a heap upon the floor. Great sobs ripped through her as she replayed their last conversation over and over. And the one word that continually came back to haunt her…Julia. He’d called her Julia.

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  1. By Deb on

    Sniff..Mari this was a sad part up this book. I also feel it helped build the book as well.My heart clenched for Ross, as well for Julia.

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