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This week’s theme is Unusual Professions and I knew immediately which snippet I would share. My day job (though I love it) is rather monotonous and dull. When I wrote Everything Nice, I decided to give free spirit, Allie, an awesome job!

everythingnice1_msrExcerpt from Everything Nice.

“Ah good. Our drinks.” Taylor took the glass of wine the waiter delivered and set it in front of Allie. “You know, hellion, I think these last few weeks are the longest you’ve stayed in one place in years. Aren’t you getting bored hanging around this lazy town yet? Doesn’t seem to me like there’d be enough excitement around here to keep you occupied.”

Charlie heard the challenge in Taylor’s tone and realized his friend’s thoughts mirrored his own. He’d long ago resigned himself to the fact that Allie had an adventurous streak a mile wide. Ginny had kept them abreast of Allie’s escapades during the past few years.

She’d taken off with barely a word to anyone with Jim Griffin and Charlie still couldn’t think of the man without a growl rising in his chest. For one thing, Griffin had been roommates with Allie’s father in college. The damn man had also been rich enough to do whatever the hell he pleased, which unfortunately meant risking his life—and Allie’s—on a daily basis.

Charlie fought back a scowl as he recalled listening to Ginny describe Allie’s adventures with Griffin. They’d bungee jumped off the Zambezi Bridge in Victoria Falls, skydived in Moab, Arizona, snorkeled in shark-infested waters and even driven a race car at Talladega. If there was an element of danger involved in an activity, Griffin was the first person in line to try it, usually with Allie at his heels.

She’d traveled around the world with him, serving as his traveling companion and personal assistant, and Charlie couldn’t help but wonder just how personally she’d served the man. Damn woman was a free spirit with far too much independence and stubbornness for his peace of mind.

“Oh I think the last few years with Jim managed to burn out any aspirations I might have had in terms of living my life as a drifter. Believe me, if I never see the inside of another hotel room again, it’ll be too soon,” she joked lightly before the usual sadness that always crept in when she mentioned Griffin fell into place. “I do miss that crazy man.”

Griffin had died six months earlier of a massive heart attack and, while it appeared that she was at last ready to put down some roots, Charlie wondered what her return would mean for him. His feelings for the woman were such a jumble in his head and heart, he didn’t know which way was up. When her sister had mentioned Allie was returning home, he’d decided that hell would freeze over before he’d let her escape him again.

Unfortunately his work commitments and Allie’s busy schedule—moving back home and settling Griffin’s vast estate—had interfered with any plans he might have had in terms of taking the next step. Seeing her tonight, looking so beautiful, had solidified his determination to cast off their “just friends” relationship and attempt to build something more.

“So what’s the plan, Allie? Got your future all figured out yet?” Taylor asked before Charlie could formulate the question. He glanced up at his friend and wondered for the millionth time if Taylor could actually read his mind.

“I guess I decided it was time to settle down and…” She paused, shrugging lightly.

“Stop running.” Taylor finished her comment, and Charlie wondered what his friend thought Allie was running from.

Everything Nice is available at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

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