Trick or Treat Tour

Winner’s list:

First prize: Jewel –
Banged Up – Jeanne St. James
Hearts Afire – 3E’s
Afterthought – Cat Kane
Love at First Stake – J. Morgan
No Recourse – Mari Carr

Second prize: Patsy Hagen –
Bound by Deception – Christa Paige
Once Bitten – Trina M. Lee
The Challenge – Serena Shay

Third prize: Fallon Hadley –
Cin – Ella Drake
Halo in her Pocket – Morgan Q. O’Reilly
Felicia’s Fling – Jolie Cain

Runner Up: Sherry –

The Wicked Flame – Stephanie Adkins
Winners choice from Tielle St. Claire

Runner Up: Noelle –
Intimate Strangers – Gem Sivad
For a Price – Olivia Brynn

Runner Up: s7anna –
Iron – P.G. Forte
The Extremist – Juniper Bell

Runner Up: SusiSunshine –
Battered not Broken – Ceilia Kyle
Wyoming Solace – Alanna Coca

Special thanks to Deb and the ladies of Heat Wave for our photo treat! Wine anyone???


Gem Sivad –
Trina M Lee-
Emily/Elise –
Juniper Bell –
Morgan Q O’Reilly –
Christa Paige –
Celia Kyle –
Olivia Brynn –
Stephanie Adkins –
Paige Tyler –
Sara Brookes –
Jolie Cain –
Jessica –
Jeanne St James-
Alanna Coca-
Serena Shay –
Mari Carr –
P.G. Forte-
Cat Kane –
Ella Drake –
Tielle St. Clare –
Tina Holland –

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  1. By Crystal Dee on

    Yes, wine please and some of those marvelous buns to go with it! What fun this will be. I’m off to start the tour.

  2. By Gloria on

    MMM! So far so good. I am so glad I have a sweet tooth and this candy won’t give me cavities.

  3. By Anna Shah Hoque on

    I think he need some help…don’t u? 😛

    Happy Halloween!!!

  4. By Noelle on

    I suddenly feel very dirty. Like I need a bath really bad. Think he would mind?

  5. By Dawn Rials on

    Wow a;lskc vnasdbabcty sycsdas aczxsgw w
    …sorry, I slowly fell to the left. Anyhoo, I don’t drink. Think I just found a reason to begin. (grin)
    Happy Halloween everyone!


    I don’t drink but I sure would love to take a nice hot bubblebath and wash his back or anything else he needed washed.

  7. By Paula on

    Unfortunately, wine doesn’t agree with me, but I won’t say no to that bubble bath.

  8. By PattyR on

    Snap! I volunteer to wash his back. I am willing to get wet, too. Nnnniiiiicccceeeee!!!!!!!

  9. By fallon hadley on

    Didn’t notice the wine but I loved the bubbles. I think he could use a little help.

  10. By Judy Cox on

    Oh great!! Just what I need!! I sudsy bath full of male flesh!! That looks so inviting. I could really use the wine about now also.

    Happy Halloween!!

  11. By patsy hagen on

    There is only one thing I can say about that picture…Oh,Lord, have mercy!

  12. By Cathy M on

    Oh yeah,I just want to follow that trail of soap…

  13. By Lindsey Ekland on

    I am certain he needs help rinsing off his back.

  14. By Gem Sivad on

    Nice rear. Interesting to follow the trickle of suds and water to the *wink* end.

    gem sivad

  15. By Lottie P on

    With my sweet tooth and all this candy it’s a good job that it’s of the eye variety and not the chocolate kind. I’m going now I need to help wash his back!

  16. By Kim S on

    Heya Mari!!

    I don’t normally like wine….but I’d give him, er….that glass a go!! 🙂

    Happy Halloween!!

  17. By lily on

    I’m not much of a wine drinker but I’m ready to help wash his back, and anything else he wants!

  18. By Fedora on

    Now that’s the way to take a bath! 😉 Thanks, Deb (and Mari!)

  19. By Sue R on

    This candies ladies might be good for my tooth but not for my heart. Yes, more wine please!

  20. By Jewelstir on

    Oh those buns are nice. I think he missed a spot.

  21. By Savanna Kougar on

    Yeah, I almost missed that small glass of wine… but, hey, I’ll sit back, get comfortable, sip some wine and watch.

  22. By Christa Paige on

    Wondering where the best place to pour the wine and lick it off would be….

    Such enticing eye candy, yay!


  23. By jayzee on

    He needs help in the tub right?? Tell me he needs help. Someone to wash his back? Wash his front? *wiggles brows*

  24. By Beverly G on

    bathtub and wine hummmm niceee Happy Halloween!

  25. By Carol L. on

    Just beautiful, so silky and slippery looking. Thanks. 🙂

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