Waiting for Wednesday questions

So I’m going to start working on book three of my Wild Irish series, Waiting for Wednesday and I thought I’d request feedback on how to proceed. I would really appreciate any and all feedback!

There is a back story that will be addressed in a prologue. Tris, a bartender, has fallen for Lane, a quiet young nurse who’s in a very unhappy and emotionally abusive marriage. When she starts to leave her husband, the abuse becomes physical. In the prologue, she’s in the hospital and Tris comes and swears to take care of her. She leaves for a year to get her head on straight and get a divorce–she’s also determined to learn to take care of herself.

The story really takes place a year later when she returns. She can’t get Tris out of her head and she feels bad about leaving without a word to him.

So, here are my questions:
1. Do you prefer stories where the guy pursues the girl or vice versa?
2. Any super hot sex scenes you LOVE to read, but don’t see too often?

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  1. By Mina Gerhart on

    Mari 🙂
    I prefer stories where the guy and the girl TRY to fight the attraction but eventually succumb to it, maybe courtesy of a pet.

    I like just about all super hot sex scenes, I’d like to see one where the hero & heroine are watching a sexy movie & they start acting out the HOT parts.

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