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I find as I get older I have a list for EVERYTHING. Think it has a little something to do with the fact that I can’t remember anything anymore! I was doing some updates in my files and I realized my WIP list has grown to almost overwhelming proportions. Thought I’d share it with you just for a laugh…and maybe an occasional kick in the pants if you notice I’m not chiseling away at it!

  1. Waiting for Wednesday – 0 of 40K (Tris and Lane)*
  2. Holiday Pres[id]ent – 7K words (Noelle and Evan, holiday free read 09) – SP
  3. Sweet Thursday – 0 of 40K (Killian, Jason, and Lily)
  4. Friday I’m in Love – 0 of 40K (Ewan and Natalie)
  5. Saturday Night Special – 0 of 40K (Riley and Aaron)
  6. Any Given Sunday – 0 of 40K (Sean, Chad, and Lauren)
  7. No Return – 30208 of 70K words (Alex and Erin, novel-June Girls)
  8. Maddie and Sam – 16868 of 30K words – Taming the West – book 2
  9. Jake’s Salvation – 8K of 25K words (Jake and Beth – Taming the West – book 1)
  10. Speed Dating – 13553 of 30K words (Gage and Sunie) – with JJJ
  11. Carrie and Luke – 0 of 30K words/synopsis only – Taming the West – book 3
  12. Seven Days and Seven Night – 19148 of 40K words (Bree and Mike – novel)
  13. Shifters (Beau, Dane and Kris) – 500 of 30K
  14. Three Reasons Why – 31236 words (Jill and Wes, KMK sequel, novella)

*Contracted books

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