Spotlight 9 – T winner

Congrats to Allison! T will contact you about your prize.

T plays a unique role in the International Heat group. Like Valerie, she isn’t an author and yet what she brings to the table is perhaps one of the most valuable things we could ever ask for–she’s an avid reader and she has a marvelous talent for telling you what works and what doesn’t. I value her opinion on my books because I know T–she’s a straight shooter and you never have to wonder whether or not she’s telling you the truth! 

She shares her ideas and opinions about ebooks with others and she’s created a fabulous and popular blog called Ebook Addict. Over on the International Heat blog, she has lined up some big names for interviews and is responsible for most of the traffic seen by our  blog. She’s done interviews with Claire Thompson, Carol Lynne, Lorelei James, Ally Blue, NJ Walters, DJ Manly and AJ Llewellyn, and TA Chase. If you missed them, be sure to check them out on the International Heat blog.

Simply put, T rocks! And so does her prize! This week’s winner will receive a $10 gift card to All Romance ebooks.


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  2. By Tameka Green on

    Who I love all romance and this is such a great prize T keep up the great work you do. Lol

  3. By Crystal Dee on


    It must be wonderful to be a reader that is so loved. I’ll check out the blog.

  4. By Rhonda on

    T, congrats on being in the spotlight this week, you so deserve it!

  5. By Bella on

    Wow, T, heaps of great praise for you! What fun! Congrats on being in the spotlight!


  6. By T on

    Thank you ladies! I very much enjoy reading and the fact that people take my advice when book shoping is still a bit of a shock but oh so cool:) lol

    Thank you all for checking out my blog!!

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