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Okay, so I’m afraid I have to admit something I’m not proud of, but I’ve come late to Bianca D’Arc books. I’m just going to lay it on the line and say it–before this week, I’d never read anything Bianca had written. As many of you know through reading my blog, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Lori Foster Reader/Writer Get Together in June. During the weekend, I met some really wonderful authors, some I knew well, some I’d heard of and others who were completely new to me. Bianca fell into the “ones I’d heard of” category. I have to tell you now, she impressed me so much I went to the book sale in the hotel to buy a book by her because I knew I wanted her autograph (I did the same with Anne Rainey–what a lovely woman–but that’s another post!).

During the course of the weekend, Bianca joined our table of newbie authors and just talked. She was down-to-earth, gracious, and just so darn nice! We did a little horse trading Saturday night as a group of us gathered in one of the hotel rooms to drink wine and chit chat. I sent her a Tequila Truth and she sent me Lords of the Were. Just prior to its release, she surprised me with another email–Inferno was attached.

I sat down this week and opened both books. Holy Hell. I get it now! I mean I really get it. I can see why this woman has such a huge fan following. I understand why Kensington signed her to a three book deal–they’re damn lucky to have her. She can weave a tale, combining the romance of the characters and an incredibly vivid world seamlessly (part of me thinks I should follow this up with the word ‘bitch.’ Jealous much? LOL). She is a born storyteller and her story of the unlikely alliance between the were, a vampire, and a half-fey are powerful stories that I’m sure will stick with me for quite a long time.

I have to admit that while I enjoyed Lords of the Were, I LOVED Inferno. I think it was the character of Dante that caught my fancy. He was such a beautiful, tortured soul and I simply fell in love with him. Bianca, simply put, is one hell of a writer. Buy her books!  Jump on the bandwagon! I swear you will not be disappointed.

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  1. By ccastano on

    I’m glad you read and reviewed these Mari, it only confirms I need to get these read, and now I know they’ll be as great as they sound.

  2. By Bianca D'Arc on

    Oh my! How does one respond to a review like that? I’m flumoxed, I tell you! Flumoxed! 🙂

    Mari, it was a pleasure to hang out with you and the girls at Lori Foster’s event. It definitely was the highlight of my weekend. We should really do that again next year!

    And I can’t thank you enough for the glowing review and super kind words about my work. Right back at’cha, kiddo! 😀


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