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Update-Congrats to Mina Gerhart–the winner of my super quick contest. And a HUGE thanks to all of you from me. I think it’s safe to say my TBR pile of series should carry me through the next 10 years or so! What awesome suggestions–I can’t wait to try more than a few of these.

Monday, July 13 is the release of No Regrets, book 2 of my June Girls series, available at Liquid Silver. Mina will receive a pdf copy of book 1, No Recourse!

For example (I can’t choose just one),

I love the Evanovich Plum series, JD Robb’s In Death series and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

Which series do you love?!

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  1. By Chrsitina on

    I can’t choose one…My favorites are Lora Leigh’s Breed Series and Elite Ops Series. I also really love Pamela Clare’s I-Team Series.

  2. By Maggie J on

    I really can’t just pick one..lol.I love Lora Leigh’s Breed series and her Nauti Boys series,Christine Feehan’s Drake Sisters Series, Dark Series,and her GhostWalker series.I have to many that favorites..lol

  3. By Natasha A. on

    Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake and Merry Gentry. JD Robb, Cynthia Eden’s midnight, Rachel Vincent’s pride…and I could go on and on and on 😀

  4. By Nancy Gilliland on

    Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series, Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series, Feehan’s Dark (Carpathians)series, Cheyenne McCray’s Magic series: too many to name, for real.

  5. By Larena Wirum on

    Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series & her Nadia Stafford series
    Anna Windsor Dark Cresent Sisterhood series
    J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series
    Karin Tabke Blood Sword Legacy series
    Roxanne St. Claire Bullet Catchers series
    Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld series
    Vicki Pettersson Signs of the Zodiac series
    Sarah McCarty Hell’s 8 series
    Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunters series
    Marjorie M. Liu Dirk & Steele series
    Lora Leigh’s Breeds, Nauti & Navy Seals series
    Joan Johnston Sons of Destiny series
    Larissa Ione Demonica series
    and James Patterson has a couple really good series Alex Cross & Womens Murder Club series

    (and if you would like some more let me know as I have numerous series books that read and this is just a small portion.) 🙂

  6. By Rhonda Wolf on

    Three (sorry I cannot pick just one) of my favorite series are:

    Rough Riders by Lorelei James
    Hearts of the South by Linda Winfree
    Cattle Valley by Carol Lynne

  7. By Karin on

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite series when there are so many fantastic ones out there. So I’ll go with my current favorites.

    My current non-romance favorite is the SIGMA series by James Rollins.

    My current romance favorites are:
    Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld
    Larissa Ione’s Demonica
    Roxanne St. Claire’s Bullet Catchers
    Moira Rogers’s Red Rock Pass

    It’s just too hard to choose one, but I don’t want to overwhlem you. lol

  8. By Sandie on

    ROFLOL! I see I’m not the only one with a problem picking just one favorite series.

    My #1 favorite is Lora Leigh’s ‘Men of August’ series
    Followed by all of her other series.

    Christine Feehan’s ‘Ghost Walkers’ and her ‘Carpathians’.

    Stephaine Lauren’s ‘Cynster’ series.

    Bianca D’Arc’s everything. LOL

    I will be kind and only list those since my ebook favorites would go on forever. They take in almost all genre except horror.


  9. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    I can see I’ve struck a nerve here! LOL–I’ve never seen so many series I haven’t read. Lord, I may need several summers to tackle this.

    Although–y’all have reminded me of others that should have been on my list–I also love ALL of Lora Leighs, but esp. Men of August, Larissa Ione’s demons, Lauren’s Cynsters, and McCarty’s Hell 8 (got Caine’s Reckoning signed by Sarah at Lori Fosters–sweet lady).

    Great list–keep em coming!

  10. By ellen bunch on

    Current favorite series – Devon Falls. Aspen Mountain Press.

  11. By ellen bunch on

    Raine Delight is the author of the Devon Falls series.

  12. By Sue R. on

    Current favorite series Mercedes Thompson by Patricia Briggs.

  13. By Gayle O on

    I love series. They make me feel as if I am part of the story as I go from book to book since I am familiar with the characters.
    Some of my favorites are:
    Lora Leigh Breeds Series and Bound Series
    Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter Series and Dream Hunter Series
    Katie McAlister Aislyn Grey Series and Silver Dragon Series
    Lori Foster The Winston Brothers & Visitation Series and Fighter Series
    There are just too many that I like from so many different authors.
    I hope this helps you. Thanks for entering me in your contest.

  14. By Cathy M on

    I love Joey W Hill’s Vampire series, Nalini Singh’s Changeling series and Lora Leigh’s breed books.

  15. By Deb on

    Moira Rogers’s Red Rock Pass
    J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series
    Larissa Ione’s Demonica {Just finished it..wow!
    Anything Lora Leigh
    Anything Christine Feehan
    Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunters
    My absolute best ever series is JD ROBB~~~Eve, is me when I grow up~~Roarke can do what ever he pleases with me…Mavis and Larinzo can dress me how ever they want…Shebody and McNab need to get Hitched!

    O.M.G I could go on and on..ROFL

  16. By Caffey on

    Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warriors series. Its new, first book just came out end of June and next is later this month, and third is end of August. There will be 8 books all together I think. But they are shape-shifters! But very unique! So sizzling and yummy heroes!

  17. By ivanka on

    Love at Stake Series By Kerrelyn Sparks

    I really loves this series because she make every character from previous book become the leading character for the next series. It seem different from others series which usually emphasize of continuing the life of the previous leading.

  18. By Chris J. on

    My first pick is: The Merry Gentry Series by Laurel k Hamilton
    Give me a fairy series where inhibitions are non existent(hot, sexy scenes!) with none of Anita Blakes hang ups, plus the true mates and action to top it off and you have the Merry Gentry series! Awesome and once you read her you will hunger till the next one!
    My second pick is: The Breeds series by Lora leigh.
    I do love the true mate concept and sexy scenes that Lora Leigh creates.
    Both these series rock and leave you begging for the next one!
    My third pick is: The Dragon series by Katie MacAlister.
    She is witty, sexy and who doesn’t love a dragon! There is love, true mates and lots of action. An Aislings demon dog Jim is awesome!

  19. By Gennell on

    Because I have been married for so many years and have read so many series, there is so many to pick. But I miss one part of the story. I miss the kick ass female who loves the man but he does not confine her…
    I like LL Fosters new series and Vicki Pettersons series because they do not have a happily ever after nor do they tie themselves w/one, two or three guys. They kick ass and yes takes names and kick those bad guys ass. They are not normal in any society. They don’t even get along w/the freaks but they keep you on your toes. Now mind you, I don’t want these characters to have weird hand ups but I like the fact that their mission regardless of what it is takes priority….
    Sometimes in life you can’t take the easy or the best road but you take the most familiar. These heroines have problems and but I would like to see something where they are balanced but still chose to go on w/out the male characters b/c they choose their skill over themselves… this could breed a whole new set of ideals where you do not need a male character to complete the female but that her gift works better alone.. Are you game to try it…?

  20. By Elyane on

    My favorite series are The Adrien English Series by Josh Lanyon, Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kennyon, Sookie Stackhouse by Charleine Harris and Rough Riders by Lorelei James. The list will probably grow but those are the ones I read this year so far.
    Congrats for “No Regrets” release.

  21. By Mina Gerhart on

    I LOVE Dara Joy’s “Matrix of Destiny” (The Familiars series)
    I’m still waiting for Traed’s story.
    I also like Christine Feehan’s Drake Sisters, Lori Foster’s Servant series, Sara McCarty’s western series (Promise’s?)

    Mindy 🙂

  22. By Sherry on

    Wow its way too hard to pick just one! Here’s a few that are my faves:
    In Death Series – J.D. Robb
    Darkhunters – Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Heart of the South Series – Lin Winfree
    Dragon Series – Bianca d’Arc
    Rough Riders – Lorelei James
    Brotherhood Series – J.R. Ward
    Demonica Series – Larissa Ione

    Geez I know my list could go on and on probably. So many awesome series out there. 🙂

  23. By Karen H in NC on

    I absolutely love series. My all-time favorite is The Cynsters by Stephanie Laurens.

    And then there are any number of series written by my very favorite authors: Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James, Kathryn Caskie, Julie Anne Long, Christina Dodd, Sabrina Jeffries, Candice Hern, Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Boyle, Tracy Anne Warren, Jo Goodman, Johanna Lindsey, Suzanne Enoch, Liz Carlyle, Adele Ashworth and many more. Can you tell I love historicals?

  24. By Mari Carr on

    Karen H–I think it is safe to say that you and I have identical bookcases! I’m also a fan of historicals and my June Girls series is set in regency England, after a tiny bit of time travel magic!

  25. By Deb on

    Okay adding Another all time Favorite. I can not help myself, The MacGregor’s by Nora Roberts. Scottish heart throbs, incredible passion.
    Janelle Denison’s “Wild Series” Yummy.

    Okay of to feed the troops.

  26. By Deb on

    Mari, ” my June Girls series is set in regency England, after a tiny bit of time travel magic!”

    Can not wait Mari!..

  27. By Bella on

    THIS is a *great* contest! I am always looking for great reads — can’t wait to check out some of these suggestions!

    Like many others, I could not pick just one, so here goes:

    Lorelei James, Rough Riders
    Lora Leigh, Bound Hearts and Breeds Series
    Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake series
    Christine Warren, The Others Series
    Gena Showalter, Lords of the Underworld
    Christine Feehan, Carpathians
    Violet Summers, Worthington Group Series
    Shayla Black, Wicked Ties & Decadent
    Leah Brooke, Desire Series
    Jenny Penn, Cattleman’s Club & Sea Island Wolves
    Sarah McCarty-Promises, Cheyenne McCray-Erotic Weekend, I could go on … 😉

    These are not necessarily erotica, but helped me find my way here:
    Diana Gabaldon, Outlander Series and
    Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Chosen series
    Keri Arthur, Riley Jensen Guardian Series


  28. By Bella on

    Ooops – just saw you had the Outlander series, Mari 😉

  29. By Mari Carr (Post author) on

    Hee hee–great minds think alike, Bella!

  30. By Melissa Conatser on

    Asheigh Raine-Talisman Bay
    Anything Lora Leigh
    Wolf Tales-Kate Douglas
    Anya Bast-Elemental Witches
    Jenny Penn-Sea Island Wolves
    Anything Nora Roberts
    Kay Hooper-Bishop Special Crimes Unit (just a touch of romance in these, but they are excellent books!)

    I could go on and on!


  31. By ellen bunch on

    Two series by Beth Williamson – Devils on Horseback, and Malloy Family.

  32. By loretta on

    lora leigh’s the breed series. I just can’t wait until the next book.


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